India Bahrain call on global community to reject terrorism

first_imgManama: In a veiled attack on Pakistan, India and Bahrain on Sunday called on the international community to reject the use of terrorism against other countries as both sides agreed to further enhance cooperation in the field of security and counter-terrorism.During his two-day visit to Bahrain, the first by an Indian prime minister, that concluded on Sunday, Modi held bilateral meetings with King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and prince and Prime Minister Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’The two sides exchanged views on bilateral, regional and multilateral issues of mutual interest during the meetings, according to a joint statement. “Both sides called on all states to reject the use of terrorism against other countries; dismantle terrorism infrastructures where they happen to exist and to cut off any kind of support and financing to the terrorists perpetrating terrorism from all territories against other states; and bring perpetrators of acts of terrorism to justice,” the statement said without referring to any country. India has been pressing Pakistan to end its state policy of backing cross-border terrorism and its support to terror groups on its soil. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&KIndia and Bahrain also discussed ways and means to further promote cooperation in cyber security, including prevention of use of cyber space for terrorism, radicalisation and for disturbing social harmony. The two sides agreed to further enhance cooperation in the field of security, counter-terrorism and the exchange of intelligence and information, it said. The leaders also noted the “need for concerted action by the international community against terrorism” and “underlined the importance of comprehensive sanctioning of terrorists and their organisations by the UN”. They also said that regional connectivity projects should be based on international law, including respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of states, in an apparent reference to China’s push for its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). During the meetings, the two sides also noted the increasing trend of bilateral trade and existing potential for two-way investments and reaffirmed their desire to provide favourable environments for trade and investments. The two countries agreed to focus on enhancing cooperation in energy, covering the areas of joint exploration and training of human resources. The two leaders agreed to enhance cooperation to strengthen maritime security in the Gulf region, vital for the security and safety of sea lanes. The two sides underlined the importance of enhancing high-level political exchanges, defence and higher education cooperation, trade and economic relations and people-to-people linkages.last_img read more

Child welfare agency suspected First Nations girls were planning suicides

first_img(Jolynn Winter, left and Kanina Sue Turtle in a photo taken from a live Facebook video posted on Turtle’s account Oct. 27, 2016.)Kenneth Jackson APTN NewsWhen Kanina Sue Turtle last visited her First Nation she told her mother she had met someone in Sioux Lookout.It was a girl and they were close.Both girls were living in foster care homes in the Sioux under the protection of Tikinagan Child and Family Services.Eleven days later Turtle, 15, killed herself on Oct. 29, 2016.“Tikinagan told me she was in a suicide pact but I didn’t believe it,” said Barbara Suggashie, Turtle’s mother.Suggashie said she was told about the so-called pact days after her daughter died around the time she had just buried her on Poplar Hill First Nation near the Ontario/Manitoba border.“Why didn’t they tell me when she was alive?” Suggashie said, in tears over the phone with APTN News.That’s a question Suggashie wants answered, one of many she still has, but Tikinagan won’t say and has refused to answer any of APTN’s questions citing respect for the family’s privacy.APTN has been investigating Turtle’s death for several weeks and recently reported she filmed her death inside a foster home owned, and operated, by Tikinagan, an Indigenous child welfare agency.The video shows she was left alone for about 45 minutes before a worker abruptly enters the room to find her lifeless body. It’s also been reported she filmed an attempted suicide the day before and had been in the hospital at least twice, for self-harming, in the nine days prior to her death.APTN can now report Turtle was walking around with bruising on her neck in the days leading up to her death. A video on her Facebook posted Oct. 27, 2016, that was recorded live, shows the bruised outline of a noose across her neck.That suggests she attempted to kill herself at least one more time than previously known – two suicide attempts, two hospital visits within nine days of her death.But in the video is another girl, the one Turtle had told her mother about.Her name was Jolynn Winter, 12.Winter’s death made headlines just over a year ago following her suicide on Jan. 8, 2017 in Wapekeka First Nation. Two days later her cousin, Chantel Fox, 12, also killed herself on Wapekeka.Leadership would complain that Health Canada had denied suicide prevention funding in the summer of 2016 after they learned of a suicide pact of young girls in the community.But a few months before Winter died by suicide in Wapekeka she was living in Sioux Lookout.Her and Turtle shared their affection for each other on Facebook; apparently finding comfort and love in a child welfare system away from family and their land.Winter’s grandmother told APTN that days after Turtle died Winter was hospitalized for an attempted suicide.“Tikinagan told us they were close,” said Georgina Winter, but said she doesn’t recall being told they were in a suicide pact.After Turtle’s death she was sent to live in Wapekeka with her father.But before that, and prior to Turtle’s death, Winter tried to kill herself in a video obtained by APTN dated Oct. 24, 2016 where she attempts to hang herself in an unidentified room.At first she has a slight smile and is holding a device.The device then drops and she screams she can’t breathe.She wasn’t alone.Another girl in the room yells for help and the video ends. APTN has examined the video many times but hasn’t been able to confirm the identity of the child that appears to be a young First Nations girl.However, the video was later found on Turtle’s iPod, along with videos of her own suicide and attempt on Oct. 28, 2016.Amy Jane OwenAmy Owen, 13, was removed from her home and community for the second, and what would be the last, time on Oct. 25, 2016.She was also from Poplar Hill and childhood neighbours of Turtle.She killed herself April 17, 2017 in an Ottawa group home, more than 2,000 kilometres from home.APTN previously obtained Owen’s autopsy and coroner’s death investigation reports from her family that detail how she died.Before ending up in Ottawa she was first sent to Beacon Home, a group home in Prescott, Ont.It’s about an hour’s drive south of Ottawa.Tikinagan believed she was in a possible suicide pact according to the former owner of Beacon Home, that voluntarily closed earlier this year.“They said there were some girls that had made a pact,” said Esther Aiken. “But they downplayed it.”A day after she arrived Owen severely self-harmed and was admitted to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) for “suicidal ideation, and suicidal gestures” on Oct. 26, 2016.She was released five days later on Nov. 1, 2016 and learned of Turtle’s death.Aiken said she harmed herself again and was back at CHEO on Nov. 6 for a two-day stay, according to her coroner’s report.“She didn’t use the word ‘pact.’ I don’t think that would have even been part of her vocabulary. She described it. She would say, ‘We agreed to. We promised each other,’” said Aiken.Owen also never gave any names but said they were “friends.”Aiken said her main focus was keeping the little girl alive.“She fought hard to be alone, with the intention of killing herself,” said Aiken.Amy Owen. Facebook photo.She said Owen felt guilty she was still alive after she learned Turtle had passed.She was back at CHEO on Dec. 28 until Jan. 6, 2017 for suicidal ideation assessment.When she was released and returned to Prescott she tried to run to the railway tracks across the road, a common incident over the several months she was there.“She started escalating late that night and it got worse. She was running to the tracks. Several staff attempted to restrain her, one was injured, and the police were called to assist,” said Aiken.Because of the alleged assault on staff Owen was taken to a staff member’s home until she could be transferred to Ottawa.She was moved to the Ottawa group home early in the morning of Jan. 8, 2017.Winter was found dead later that day according to her grandmother.But Owen already knew according to Jessica Leroux, who worked at Beacon Home.“I was lecturing her about getting her life together and promising her I would find a way to see her again and she began screaming and crying about how she should die,” said Leroux. “That’s when she told me Jolynn killed herself.”Leroux believes it was around 6 a.m. when Owen told her.“Because we were leaving the staff’s house to take her to Mary Homes by 7:30 a.m. and had dealt with it and had her sort of calm by then,” she said.“She cried herself to sleep in the car ride to Ottawa.”It is believed Owen found out Winter was dead when she got to use an iPad before leaving for Ottawa.“She maybe had a message? She didn’t tell me,” said Leroux. “Or maybe it was a predetermined date.”Leroux said she was also aware that Tikinagan suspected Owen was in a so-called suicide pact when they moved her.Aiken said the day Winter died someone from Tikinagan’s head office called Beacon Home and said to put Owen under 24-hour supervision but she was already in Ottawa.It was one of several in the city owned, and operated, by Mary Homes, but this one in particular specialized in high-risk children.Owen’s visits to the hospital for self-harming continued in Ottawa as she would cut her arms and legs, according to the coroner’s report. APTN has also previously reported she tried to die by running into traffic on busy four-lane street.This is taken directly from her coroner’s report: “Amy Jane Owen had presented to the CHEO ED on April 1st 2017, after group home workers became aware of multiple self-inflected cuts to her forearms. Amy Jane reported having increased suicidal ideation at that time, and alleged that she was planning to hang herself in her room. She disclosed that she had tried to hang herself with a rope in her room “a couple of weeks ago”, and that her best friend had recently suicided by hanging.”She also said that she had gone to a “crack house” with a friend on March 29, had smoked “pot”, and had woken up the following morning thinking she was sexually assaulted, according to the report.By this time she was no longer in the high-risk home and Mary Homes said it was having difficulty hiring someone to be with her around the clock, known as one-to-one supervision.After several more trips to the hospital Amy was left alone in her in private room on April 17.An hour later she was found lifeless.The coroner called for a quality care review at CHEO and any recommendations will be added to Owen’s death investigation. The Ottawa Citizen reported Monday review is still ongoing.Mary Homes surrendered its license for the home Owen was in after her death.For the first time, APTN will provide some details of her death and Turtle’s as they have similarities.Both and Turtle and Owen hanged themselves with a black shoelace and in a way that requires one to use their body weight.It’s not known if Owen filmed her death because her parents say they can’t access her iPod without the passcode.All three girls also have two other things in common: they were all friends on Facebook and put in child protective services by Tikinagan.APTN asked Tikinagan about the information in this story on Mar. 12. There has been no response. The agency didn’t offer any explanation, even in generalities of their service or care.All of this has left Turtle’s mother to think one thing.“I think they are hiding something,” she said.APTN also reported recently the chief coroner of Ontario is investigating the deaths of Owen and Turtle as part of an expert panel review into the deaths of children in residential care.“Kanina, take my hand.”In the video of Turtle’s death the Tikinagan worker abruptly comes in the room to check on her. She asks Turtle to take her hand, but its far too late. While on the phone with 911 she checks her pulse.“She looks dead, fuck,” the woman says as she checks for a pulse. “She’s gone.”A baby can be heard crying in another room. The home is known as an agency operated home (AOH) that hires someone to be a so-called “live-in parent.”It’s believed it was just Turtle and the child living at the home then, as a second teenaged girl had been transferred from the home that afternoon. In fact, the girl says she last saw Turtle at 1:40 p.m.“I was living with her at the time,” the 15-year-old girl told APTN but can’t be named because she’s still in protective services.“The next day I heard about her passing.”The AOH home is supposed to be a short-term stay until a permanent placing can be found for the child and for this girl a new home had been found. But not for Turtle who wrote in diary and on Facebook she just wanted to go home.The 15-year-old said she was there just a couple days before moving along.“I saw marks on her neck when I showed up at the AOH home. They looked fresh,” she said. “Like fresh.”She had known Turtle from other placements they lived in together.She said Turtle confided in her about Winter. She said Tikinagan had separated them.“Kanina was very upset. She told me they were not to see each other,” she said.She said Turtle didn’t say anything about suicide.The girl believed Turtle wasn’t supposed to leave the home.“She wasn’t allowed out. She told me,” said the girl.Kanina Turtle, in the small screen, with Jolynn on Facetime on Oct. 27, 2016.Still, a day before Turtle died a live Facebook video posted to Turtle’s account shows them both in Tim Horton’s around the corner from the AOH home.“We had no worker with us at the time at Tim Hortons,” she said.She said she could only recall there being one person working in the home.“There was only one staff,” she said.The ministry of Children and Youth Services has not said any action was taken against Tikinagan for Turtle’s death.Turtle didn’t say a word in her suicide video but she did in her attempt the day before that lasts about a minute.She is holding her iPod in her left hand with a shoelace tied to a birch tree.“I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m sorry for what, umm,” Turtle says worriedly looking over her shoulder, “I’m going to do.”She then covers her mouth with her right hand to keep quiet. To muffle the pain.As if she knew someone was looking for her and only had a few minutes.The video then ends.The next day she had more time – 45 minutes – alone.Then at least two more of her friends would follow.kjackson@aptn.caThe Canada Suicide Prevention Service enables callers anywhere in Canada to access crisis support using the technology of their choice (phone, text or chat), in French or English:Phone: toll-free 1-833-456-4566Text: 45645Chat: crisisservicescanada.calast_img read more

Indigenous leaders welcome chance to invest in Alberta renewable power auction

first_imgCALGARY – Indigenous leaders say they are eager to invest after Alberta unveiled a plan on Monday that demands bidders in one of its next two rounds of renewable power project auctions include partnerships with those communities.The province said it hopes to attract bids to build a total of 700 megawatts of renewable power capacity, enough to power 300,000 homes, with 300 MW reserved for proposals with Indigenous equity ownership and 400 MW without restriction.Winners in both new rounds of bids will be judged on their power price bids, said Environment Minister Shannon Phillips.She added the province hopes to duplicate the success of its first round, held last year, when three companies were chosen to spend about $1 billion to build four wind power projects capable of generating 600 MW of new generation, 50 per cent higher than target. They bid an average price of $37 per MW-hour, which the province touted as a record low price for renewable power in Canada.The Kainai First Nation is planning a 200-MW wind project that’s “shovel-ready” to be built if selected, said Chief Roy Fox of the southern Alberta tribe also known as the Blood Tribe, speaking at the government’s news conference in Calgary.“We want to proceed with the first phase, which is 100 megawatts, and we have everything in place,” said Fox, who also goes by the name Makiinima. “We have the expertise, we’ve built some capacity, we have the financing in place, we’re ready to go and it will be situated on our reserve lands.”He said later the First Nation has an agreement to obtain funding from Indigena Capital, a Utah-based firm that finances Indigenous projects, but wouldn’t give a cost estimate for the project.Aaron Young, chief of the Chiniki First Nation, said his community is already pursuing solar power options.“We are good partners,” he said at the conference. “Just know, for us, success is well-being of our First Nations, of our people, and respect for the land that we all call home.”Successful auction bidders will win a 20-year contract with the province that provides subsidies if power prices fall below the bid price, to be paid from Alberta’s carbon levy on heavy industrial emitters. If the price is higher, the companies are to pay the difference to the province.The province wants to add up to 5,000 MW of renewable energy through private sector investment of about $10 billion by 2030.“Climate change is indeed the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. It is real,” Phillips said. “But it represents trillions in economic opportunity around the world. Albertans want to be part of those new jobs, those new businesses.”Phillips said she expects wind power projects to be most successful at auction because they cost the least but she said the government is considering ways to encourage other options such as solar power in future auctions to improve reliability of the system.Details of the upcoming auctions are to be worked out by the Alberta Electric System Operator over the next several months and a request for proposals is expected in the spring, with winning bids selected by year-end, said AESO chief operating officer Mike Law.He said bidders in the 300-MW round will need at least 15 to 25 per cent Indigenous ownership to qualify.Follow @HealingSlowly on Twitter.last_img read more

Morocco Portugal to cooperate in investment promotion in Africa FM

first_imgRabat- Morocco and Portugal have agreed to set up a task force in charge of creating new mechanisms for promoting investment in Africa, announced, Tuesday in Rabat, Foreign Minister, Salaheddine Mezouar.“We have agreed to create a task force to strengthen our relations with African partners and to establish new mechanisms to promote investment in Africa, said minister Mezouar during a press briefing following a meeting with his Portuguese counterpart, Rui Machete.For his part, the head of the Portuguese diplomacy said the meeting focused on the development of new markets for investment, as well as ways to further strengthen bilateral cooperation. “We have discussed a number of issues at the regional and international levels,” as well as “various aspects of our bilateral cooperation and ways to develop them,” said Rui, who started on Monday a two-day official visit to Morocco.last_img read more

Financial market highlights on Tuesday SPTSX 1528122 down 3480 points

Highlights at the close Tuesday at world financial market trading.Stocks:S&P/TSX Composite Index — 15,281.22, down 34.80 pointsDow — 21,310.66, down 98.89 pointsS&P 500– 2,419.38, down 19.69 pointsNasdaq — 6,146.62, down 100.53 pointsCurrencies:Cdn — 75.83 cents US, up 0.29 of a centPound — C$1.6859, up 0.11 of a centEuro — C$1.4913, up 0.94 of a centEuro — US$1.1308, up 1.14 centsOil futures:US$44.24, up 86 cents(August contract)Gold futures:US$1,246.90 per oz., up 50 cents(August contract)Canadian Fine Silver Handy and Harman:$22.819 per oz., up 1.1 cents$733.63 per kg., up 35 cents

What Our NBA Projections Got Right And Wrong Last Season

CARMELO is back! As my colleague Nate Silver detailed Thursday, we’re issuing our second set of NBA player career forecasts; you can find the latest batch of projections here. For those unfamiliar with CARMELO,1Which, as a complete coincidence, stands for Career-Arc Regression Model Estimator with Local Optimization. it’s an algorithm that uses the career arcs of similar historical players to predict what’s in store for today’s stars, journeymen and scrubs.I want to dig into what CARMELO predicts for 2016-17, but first let’s look back at the best — and worst — moments of the projection’s rookie season. To help isolate its biggest hits and misses, I gathered wins above replacement2WAR can be calculated by multiplying a player’s Box Plus/Minus by the percentage of his team’s minutes he played and then multiplying that by 2.2. data for the 435 players who both played in the NBA in 2015-16 and were issued a CARMELO forecast last fall. Here’s a simple histogram of the differences in WAR between what was predicted and what transpired on the court: Kawhi LeonardSF2515.810.55.010.8 Marcus SmartPG229. R. Westbrook27OKC2449+7.312.72750+10.018.3+5.6 Kyle LowryPG3014.59.43.810.8 Anthony Davis22NO2568+6.311.82164+2.25.1-6.7 What CARMELO got wrong in 2015-16 K. Towns20MIN1859-0.21.82627+2.86.8+5.0 James HardenSG2719.514.28.011.6 M. Smart2.55.1+2.6K. Durant14.110.9-3.2 Russell WestbrookPG2819. Paul George25IND2074+2.45.12819+4.510.1+5.0 Marcin Gortat31WSH1889+1.63.82256+1.24.0+0.2 Chris PaulPG3114.910.33.411.5 T. Evans1.63.8+2.2C. Paul13.110.3-2.9 Anthony DavisPF2313. That’s a pretty good list! Nic Batum, for instance, was coming off of a down year by the conventional metrics, but CARMELO predicted he’d bounce back to something more like his old form. It also predicted that Tim Duncan, at age 39, would play at a high level, and that lottery pick Frank Kaminsky would underwhelm.So, now that we’ve assessed CARMELO’s debut season, what can it tell us going forward? Here are the players our system thinks will see the biggest improvements (or declines) by WAR in 2016-17: PLAYERAGETMMINUTES+/-WARMINUTES+/-WARDIFF Draymond GreenPF2614.69.64.410.2 Nicolas Batum27CHA2435+2.05.42448+2.05.5+0.1 Patrick Patterson26TOR1841+1.53.62020+1.03.3-0.3 DeAndre JordanC2813.98.02.911.0 Draymond Green25GS2189+4.68.02808+5.812.1+4.1 Lavoy Allen26IND1201+0.31.51599-0.61.3-0.2 Among players who were issued a forecast and played in the NBA in 2015-16.Source: Luis Scola35TOR1052-1.30.41636-1.20.7+0.3 Stephen CurryPG2820.516.111.39.2 Marvin Williams29CHA1568+0.01.82338+2.75.9+4.2 Kemba WalkerPG2611. FORECASTACTUAL What CARMELO got less wrong in 2015-16 Arron Afflalo30NY1952-2.5-0.52371-2.4-0.4+0.1 By WAR, the biggest miss on CARMELO’s résumé was also the game’s biggest star: Stephen Curry. It wasn’t that the algorithm thought Curry would be bad — CARMELO predicted that he’d be the game’s most valuable player in 2015-16 — but the projection didn’t foresee the quantum leap his game would take the season after he’d already established himself as league MVP. Outlier performances are outliers for a reason; most players would regress to the mean after posting one of the top 50 seasons in modern NBA history, not one-up themselves with a campaign ranking in the top 10. Obviously, Curry isn’t “most players.”Similarly, CARMELO knew Kyle Lowry and Russell Westbrook were good, but it didn’t bank on them being quite so good. The numbers also didn’t see Kemba Walker’s breakout performance coming, or that Karl-Anthony Towns would be one of the best rookies in modern history. And it was taken completely by surprise when Anthony Davis — CARMELO’s pick as the game’s most valuable franchise player — turned in a historically disappointing season.Davis, who was less than 100 percent for much of the season, brings us to the bumps and bruises — or worse — that players have to deal with. Injuries are notoriously difficult to predict, and since playing time and performance are so fundamentally intertwined, many of the players on the list above saw various ailments rob them of both minutes and per-minute production. Joakim Noah and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, for instance, missed most of the season with injuries, and they weren’t themselves when they did suit up.And it goes without saying that CARMELO knows little about the personal-life problems of mere humans. That’s why it — like me — was so utterly, woefully wrong about Ty Lawson’s disastrous 2015-16 season.Things weren’t all bad for CARMELO’s inaugural season, though. Here are the players — among those who played at least 1,500 minutes — for whom the projected WAR totals most closely matched the player’s output in 2015-16: Frank Kaminsky22CHA1272-1.40.41708-1.20.7+0.2 FORECASTACTUAL Jimmy Butler26CHI2688+3.68.32474+4.08.1-0.2 Goran Dragic29MIA2169+1.13.72363+0.73.5-0.2 About 55 percent of the players finished with a WAR total within a win (plus or minus) of what CARMELO predicted; that grows to 80 percent if we look for players who fell within two wins of their WAR forecast. It’s tough to say how that compares to other projection systems, since there aren’t many alternatives available in the public domain, but in a vacuum that doesn’t seem like an awful rookie showing, particularly since CARMELO’s errors appear to be roughly symmetrical along the shape of a bell curve — meaning it isn’t systematically biased toward over- or undervaluing players.CARMELO wasn’t perfect, though. Here were its biggest misses, high and low, of 2015-16: BIGGEST IMPROVEMENTSBIGGEST DECLINES D. Russell0.32.7+2.5R. Westbrook18.315.2-3.1 Jae Crowder25BOS1364+0.51.92308+2.86.2+4.3 Since CARMELO uses previous seasons to inform its projections, along with a heavy dose of regression to the mean, there’s some crossover between the lists of its 2015-16 misses and its 2016-17 improvements or declines. Curry, Lowry and company can’t possibly be that dominant two years in a row, right? We’ll see; projection systems are conservative by nature, always abiding by the law of averages, and an explosive individual performance represents a rebellion against that law. Maybe some of the names on the right-hand list will buck the odds and make history again; maybe they won’t. The left-hand list, however, is the one to keep an eye on — these are largely young players the projection expects to make big improvements, as well as a few veterans (Davis, Blake Griffin, Tyreke Evans) that it expects to bounce back.On that note, here’s a list based on pure volatility — the players for whom CARMELO projects the biggest range between what could reasonably be termed their best-case (90th percentile) and worst-case (10th percentile) outcomes next season: Karl-Anthony TownsC2114.38.83.910.4 Kemba Walker25CHA2452+1.34.42885+4.09.7+5.2 Blake Griffin26LAC2581+3.98.51170+3.33.5-5.0 D. Cunningham28NO1360-1.20.61971-1.20.9+0.2 CARMELO’s most volatile players of 2016-17 WAR CARMELO’s most (and least) improved players for 2016-17 Tim Duncan39SA1652+3.55.11536+4.15.3+0.2 Among players who were issued a forecast and played 1,500 NBA minutes in 2015-16.Source: Tyson Chandler33PHX2045+3.25.91618-0.51.3-4.6 Kyle Lowry29TOR2307+3.57.02851+6.813.9+6.8 Kyrie Irving23CLE2743+3.38.01667+1.63.3-4.7 Jeff Teague27ATL2072+0.52.82255+0.32.9+0.0 A. Davis5.08.8+3.7S. Curry21.716.1-5.6 Kristaps PorzingisPF2110. Brandon Knight24PHX2337-0.61.81870-0.31.8-0.1 Dwight Howard30HOU1920+1.13.32280+0.63.3+0.0 PLAYERPOSITIONAGEBEST CASEMEANWORST CASERANGE (+/-) B. Griffin3.45.9+2.4K. Leonard13.610.5-3.1 Andre Iguodala32GS1735+1.93.71732+1.63.5-0.2 PLAYER2016 WAR2017 WARCHANGEPLAYER2016 WAR2017 WARCHANGE Among players who will not be rookies in 2016-17. E. Mudiay-2.6-0.3+2.4P. George10.17.2-2.9 E. Payton0.83.4+2.6A. Horford8.95.7-3.2 Damian LillardPG2613.48.22.311.1 Shane Larkin23BKN1654-2.1-0.11751-2.2-0.2-0.2 Joakim Noah30CHI2160+3.06.0635+1.91.3-4.7 K. Irving3.36.2+2.8K. Lowry13.99.4-4.5 Naturally, young players such as Towns, Davis, Kristaps Porzingis and No. 1 draft pick Ben Simmons will have wider variation in potential outcomes because we have less of a sample from which to draw their projections. But some veterans are also highly volatile because their comparable-player lists contain both stars and duds. From here out, James Harden could have the career arc of a Kobe Bryant (who stuck around in the league forever) or a Steve Francis (who was great early in his career but was out of the league by age 31).That’s the beauty of the NBA — we never truly know what will happen. But with CARMELO’s help, we have a slightly better idea than we would otherwise.Check out FiveThirtyEight’s CARMELO NBA player projections. John WallPG2613.28.02.610.7 M. Kidd-Gilchrist22CHA2260+1.54.4205-1.40.0-4.4 Jerami Grant21PHI1656-0.71.22066-1.30.9-0.3 A. Wiggins-0.22.6+2.8P. Millsap10.77.3-3.4 Gordon HaywardSF2611. T.J. McConnell23PHI387-2.8-0.21606-2.10.0+0.2 Jimmy ButlerSG2711. LeBron JamesSF3216.311.56.210.1 K. Porzingis2.45.5+3.1L. James16.711.5-5.2 Elfrid Payton21ORL2404+2.35.72145-1.30.9-4.8 PLAYERAGETEAMMINUTES+/-WARMINUTES+/-WARDIFF Ty Lawson28—2442+1.34.41411-4.6-2.0-6.4 Al Horford29ATL2063+2.34.92631+4.19.0+4.1 Enes Kanter23OKC1824-2.00.01721-1.70.2+0.2 Paul Millsap30ATL2149+3.26.22647+5.310.8+4.6 Markieff Morris26—2073+1.13.61629-2.8-0.7-4.3 Ben SimmonsPF209.14.1-0.19.2 Paul MillsapPF3112. Derrick Favors24UTA2195+2.35.31983+2.75.1-0.2 Stephen Curry27GS2608+8.214.72700+12.521.6+6.8 read more

22 ancient shipwrecks discovered in the Aegean

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The Fourni archipelago in Greece is now being dubbed as the “ancient shipwreck capital of the world” by the ocean explorers. The sea region is group of 13 islands and islets located between the eastern Aegean islands of Samos and Ikaria.A joint team of Greek and American underwater archaeologists have discovered 22 shipwrecks off the coast of a group of tiny Greek islands in the Fourni archipelago, revealing what has been called one of the biggest finds of 2015.“Surpassing all expectations, over only 13 days we added 12 percent to the total of known ancient shipwrecks in Greek territorial waters,” Peter Campbell, of the University of Southampton and co-director from US based RPM Nautical Foundation, told Discovery News.Over half of the wrecks date to the Late Roman Period (circa 300-600 A.D.). Overall, the shipwrecks span from the Archaic Period (700-480 B.C.) to the Classical (480-323 B.C.) and Hellenistic (323-31 B.C.) through the Late Medieval Period (16th century).It was the first time that an underwater archaeological expedition was organized around these islands. Archaeologists from the Greek Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities and RPM Nautical Foundation worked with local sponge divers, fishermen, and free divers.Funding for the expedition was provided by the Honor Frost Foundation, a UK charity that supports research in the eastern Mediterranean through an endowment from pioneer maritime archaeologist Honor Frost.“What is astonishing is not only the number of the shipwrecks but also the diversity of the cargoes, some of which have been found for first time,” Greek director George Koutsouflakis said.The cargoes reveal long distance trades between the Black Sea, Aegean Sea, Cyprus, the Levant, and Egypt in all those periods. At least three ships carried a cargo of amphoras, or jars, that have not been found previously on shipwrecks. Source: Discovery News, Yahoo, The Pappas Postlast_img read more

New WISHH Video Shares Results WISHH Connects Trade and Development

first_imgASA/WISHH’s new 2017 annual report video features the experiences of four U.S. soybean farmers and two WISHH supply chain partners who describe WISHH’s results in Africa, Asia and Latin America. WISHH Chairman Daryl Cates (IL), Vice Chairman Levi Huffman (IN), Committee Member David Lueck (MO) and ASA/USSEC Director Monte Peterson (ND) share their views on how WISHH connects trade and development through its “trailblazer for trade” activities.Watch the video here for interviews and information on WISHH’s record level of 20 QSSBs supporting its work in 2017. QSSB support of WISHH has risen steadily since 2009 to a 2017 high of nearly $1.2 million. WISHH leverages soybean grower checkoff investments by a ratio of more than 6-1 as a result of winning non-checkoff funding from outside donors, such as the government, and partnering with international food and feed processing companies and other organizations.last_img read more

Plane forced to land in grass after landing gear malfunctions

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – An airplane was forced to make a belly landing after its landing gear malfunctioned.According to a Miami Executive Airport official, a Piper Cherokee plane with two people on board landed on the grass at the airport after its nose gear did not properly extend.No injuries were reported.Miami-Dade Fire Rescue confirmed there were no injuries, as well.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

Townsquare Media Buys Music Sites From AOL

first_img“We completed the transaction and have spent the past several months working with their fantastic editorial staffs to develop the sites on our platform” said John Lerner, CEO of Breaking Media at the time of the deal.  “We were attracted by the quality of editorial teams and the fact that these sites have been reaching insiders in their markets for almost two years. We also feel the that the Defense, Energy and Government sectors fit well with our legal and finance verticals.”The Townsquare deal adds another 3.5 million visitors per comScore numbers, reports AllThings D. The company already has 250 companion websites for its radio stations as well as a network of owned and operated sites across the indie, hip hop, rock and country genres, claiming 60 million unique monthly visitors. Radio, live event and digital media company Townsquare Media is acquiring The Boot, The BoomBox, NoiseCreep and comics enthusiast site ComicsAlliance from AOL in what appears to be a last-minute save for the brands.In April TechCrunch and Billboard reported the AOL Music sites were on the verge of being shut down, with many of the staff let go. Terms of the deal were not released, but some staff of AOL Music and ComicsAlliance will be joining Townsquare Media going forward. AOL has recently been divesting some of its smaller niche sites—in mid-May Breaking Media announced that it closed on a deal to buy AOL Defense, AOL Energy and AOL Gov.last_img read more

King Charges to Lead in Iditarod First Out of Cripple

first_imgJeff King – Photo by Patrick Yack, Alaska Public MediaJeff King took the lead in the 2014 Iditarod when he charged out of Cripple Wednesday night ahead of Sonny Lindner. King left about 8:30 and Lindner followed at 9:09. Both were racing with 14 dogs.Aaron Burmeister, John Baker, Paul Gephardt and Martin Buser trailed the leaders and were still in Cripple early Thursday morning. Buser is among 26 mushers who have taken their 24-hour mandatory layover. Neither King nor Lindner has taken the long layover.Katherine Keith resumed the lead among rookies. She was out of Ophir.Last year’s winner, Mitch Seavey was out of Ophir, too, and in 15th place. Aliy Zirkle, who finished second last year, was in ninth place and out of Ophir.Rookie Lev Shvarts scratched Wednesday night in Rohn.last_img

Students Organize Massive March For Our Lives Rally In Houston

first_imgLaura IsenseeMore than a dozen students gathered this week to make signs for the local March for Our Lives rally, which could draw upwards of 10,000 students.Thousands of teenagers are planning to rally in downtown Houston for stricter gun laws Saturday, joining the national movement called March for Our Lives and marking what could be the largest such student protest in Texas.Sixteen-year-old Paige Cromley said that school shootings have made headlines most of her life, even before she was born. So when students in Parkland, Florida, declared they would put a stop to school shootings, she was inspired.“The students want action,” Cromley said.Since then, Cromley has helped organize the local March for Our Lives rally.First, she took it over from a teacher and since then, student organizers have developed several committees to work on different strategies. They’ve drawn student representatives from more than 80 schools, including middle schools, universities, private schools and various districts. Cromley herself is in tenth grade at the John Cooper School in The Woodlands. “We’ve had enough of these people in power telling us nothing can be done when clearly it can be. In other countries, things aren’t like this. We want positive comprehensive action, we’re tired of just thoughts and prayers,” she said.Cromley said that students have used text messages and social media to organize — though adults have helped with legal details and permitting.Laura IsenseeAs about two dozen students gathered to organize for a massive student rally for stricter gun laws, more than half of them said they’ve faced pushback from their school administrations. They attend a diverse group of schools including HISD, Spring Branch and private schools.On Tuesday evening, more than a dozen students gathered in an office near the Galleria to make signs ahead of the rally. Cromley announced that Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner would be joining before she headed off to fundraise.Madeline Lake, who is 16 and attends Conroe High School, said that they’ve drawn support from both Democrats and Republicans.“The message is all the same,” Lake said. “We don’t want our children dying in our schools anymore or being injured. And we shouldn’t let the political parties determine that. And so any change can be made if you make your voice clear and heard.”Lake said that they’re asking for more background checks, raising the age limit for certain weapons and more support for mental health issues.Marcel McClinton, who attends Spring Branch ISD, said that he wants to stand for victims of gun violence.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.“Considering that this is not just a Houston thing and there are hundreds of marches going on around the country and around the world now, to a politician that means you can’t ignore this,” McClinton said.“This isn’t just 30 kids protesting outside of someone’s office because they want change. This is thousands of people who are fed up with the notion that gun reform is something we can’t talk about.”The students plan to start the rally at 9 a.m. at Tranquility Park near City Hall and afterwards, plan to march to U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz’ office, since he’s accepted more donations from the National Rifle Association than any other Houston-area politician. To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Listen Share X 00:00 /00:50last_img read more

Cardinals Set to Host Miami OH in Exhibition Match

first_imgStory Links The season will highlight one of the best Cardinal recruiting classes in recent memory. The 2019 UofL volleyball recruiting class was ranked No. 16 in the nation, the highest ranked class in the ACC and the highest ranking Cardinal class since 2006. “It is very exciting to start the 2019 season,” said Busboom Kelly of her No. 25-ranked Cardinals. “We have a bunch of new players and faces. We lost four starters from last season but so far this has been an amazing preseason. This group has worked really hard on their connection with each other on and off the court. It does not feel like we are a younger, inexperienced team.  So they have been a joy to coach and we can’t wait to show everyone what we have been working so hard on.” Single match tickets can be bought here  The Cardinals will host Miami (Ohio) next Saturday at 3 p.m. for an exhibition match at L&N Federal Credit Union Arena as the final tuneup before the onset of the regular season. Admission is free.  Tickets can also be purchased by phone at 502-GO-CARDS, or by visiting the Louisville Cardinals Ticket Office, located near Gate 2 at Cardinal Stadium (2800 South Floyd Street) on weekdays from 9 a.m., until 5 p.m., ET. Single match tickets will also be available for purchase on match days at the L&N Federal Credit Union Arena ticket windows starting one hour prior to match time.center_img The RedHawks return five starters plus their libero to go along with 13 letterwinners from a team that went 23-9 last season and was co-MAC champions with a 13-3 record. Although the RedHawks won the MAC championship in both 2016 and 2017, they were picked to finish third in the East Division after graduating seven seniors in 2017. With a dynamic recruiting class, Miami picked up right where it left off, winning 13 out of 16 league games to share the MAC crown with Bowling Green. The RedHawks advanced to the MAC Tournament final for the fourth time in five seasons and earned their first postseason victory in 20 years when they defeated Northern Kentucky in the first round of the NIVC. To see the complete schedule, click here   Print Friendly Version The Cardinals home slate includes 15 matches against teams that were nationally ranked in 2018, as well as 11 matches against teams that earned an NCAA Tournament berth last season. The Cardinals posted a 22-9 record in the 2018 season and made their 27th appearance in the NCAA Tournament. UofL is led by returning HM All-American Melanie McHenry as well as starters Emily Scott and Piper Roe, a member of the US Collegiate National Team.   The ranking was announced by, where a panel of college coaches from across the country and representing all three NCAA women’s volleyball divisions determines the top list of classes.last_img read more

Riverdale Reunites Friends but Its Big Reveal Only Raises More Questions

first_imgStay on target The news of Jason Blossom’s body being found is giving Archie nightmares. He sneaks out of the house and runs to Miss Grundy’s, trying to convince her to tell the police what they heard the night of Jason’s death. She convinces him not to. She could get fired (absolutely), Archie could get expelled (doubtful), and they both could to jail. Sorry, but no. Grundy is the criminal here. Victims don’t go to jail.Riverdale spent it’s second episode fixing the relationships that were broken in the pilot. After Betty’s mother forbids her to see Cheryl, Veronica and especially Archie, Betty knocks on Archie’s door. After a walk to school where Betty tries hard to pretend she’s OK with everything, she’s called to the office. Someone has left her flowers. That someone turns out to be Veronica, who is also trying hard to patch things up. In addition to the flowers, she ordered Betty a cupcake from New York’s Magnolia Bakery.Betty accepts the offers of friendship, but she clearly isn’t OK. As she explains to Kevin, once Veronica feels better about herself, they’ll barely say “hi” to each other in the hallway. Man, remember when these were the biggest problems you had to deal with? At lunch, she and Veronica sit with Archie and ask him to play a song he’s been working on. Hearing Archie sing brings all the emotions back up, and Betty runs off. She never even gets to eat her cupcake. (No big loss, really. Magnolia cupcakes are dry, expensive and not as good as they’re made out to be.)Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge (Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW)That afternoon during cheerleading practice, Veronica tries to make amends by gossiping over what a monster Cheryl is being. Betty isn’t having it. She snubs Veronica by offering to hang out with Cheryl after practice. That turns out to be a terrible idea. Cheryl starts asking inappropriate questions about Betty’s sister, specifically her relationship with Jason. When Cheryl outright accuses Betty’s sister of killing Jason, Betty finally stands up for herself. She tells Cheryl to get out of her house, or she’ll kill her. Maybe not a great thing to say to someone who’s brother has just been murdered, but who cares? Cheryl had it coming.Meanwhile, Archie is dealing with his own problems. We learn exactly why he and Jughead aren’t on friendly terms anymore. They planned a road trip over Fourth of July weekend, and Archie canceled at the last minute. Dick move, Archie. Especially because, much like he is in the comics, Jughead is the smartest guy in town. It’s just that nobody listens to him. When he sees Miss Grundy cuddling up to Archie, he sees that relationship for what it is. She’s a predator, and she’s manipulating Archie. Of course, telling Archie, this only causes another fight between the two.Honestly, the most heartening thing about the second episode of Riverdale was how they treated the Archie/Grundy plot. The show doesn’t see it as a sexy, forbidden relationship. Grundy knows exactly what she’s doing. When Archie tries to convince her to talk to the police, he asks her if what they have is real. If it’s not, he says, he doesn’t know what he’s protecting. That sends Grundy into self-preservation mode, and she says, of course, it’s real. That is abusive behavior. This plot may be the most by-the-book teen drama cliche of the entire show, but at least they’re taking it seriously. That’s more than most teenage soap operas have done.Ross Butler as Reggie Mantle, Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones and KJ Apa as Archie Andrews (Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW)The Archie-Jughead friendship slowly gets put back together, which is a relief. Their beef with each other was the weirdest, most out-of-place element from the pilot. It starts when Archie defends Jughead from Reggie Butler, Riverdale’s resident a-hole jock. Reggie accuses Jughead of murdering Jason because he’s a weird outcast. Archie defends his former buddy and gets a black eye for his trouble. After a talk with his dad, Archie decides he’s going to do the right thing and tell Principal Weatherbee what he heard on the Fourth of July. He then apologizes to Jughead for being an ass, and the two agree to become friends again. After many burgers, of course.The pep rally begins, and we get to see Josie and the Pussycats put on a real show. They perform an updated version of “Sugar, Sugar,” which was originally written for The Archies in 1969. Riverdale may not be like any version of Archie we’ve seen before, but it’s has a wonderfully nerdy appreciation for the universe it’s based on. The pep rally is cut short when Cheryl, seeing Archie wearing her brother’s uniform, breaks down in tears and runs to the locker room. Proving to everyone that she truly isn’t the spoiled rich girl, Veronica runs after Cheryl. Betty sees Veronica give Cheryl a shoulder to cry on and says not many people would have done that. Veronica, she realizes, might actually be a good person.With all the friendships back where they should be, Betty, Veronica, Archie, and Jughead meet up at Pop’s Chock’lit Shop. Everything seems like it’s going to be OK. But this is a neo-noir show, so we know that’s not the case. The next morning, Archie goes to the principal’s office to tell all, but before he can, the principal and Sheriff run to Cheryl Blossom. She confesses in front of her class that she’s guilty. Jughead’s narration teases us, saying the autopsy revealed some strange things about Jason Blossom’s death. The one thing he does reveal is that Jason Blossom died a week after he fell into the river.Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl Blossom and KJ Apa as Archie Andrews (Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW)Cheryl’s confession definitely makes things interesting. We all suspected that she killed her brother from the beginning, but now it doesn’t look so certain. After all, she told Veronica that Jason was supposed to come back. What were they doing on the river, anyway? Also, all she said was “I’m guilty.” She didn’t say what of. Clearly, this isn’t as cut and dry as it looks.Riverdale had a rare second episode that kept the plot moving, rather than further establishing the world. The pilot did all that work already, so this week, the show was free to focus on the characters, their relationships and the mystery at hand. Riverdale appears to be navigating teen drama storylines in a smart, interesting way. It definitely helps that you can identify with most of the characters or at least see where they’re coming from. Everyone is dealing with or hiding, something. That’s what makes the show so interesting, and will definitely keep me coming back week after week. SDCC 2019: ‘Riverdale’ Cast Spills Details on Core ‘Mystery’ for Season 4Top Movies and TV Panels to Keep on Your Radar for SDCC 2019 last_img read more

New Magic The Gathering rule change helps fight bad luck

first_imgThe next set of Magic: The Gathering, aptly titled Magic Origins, is ushering in a new era of Magic. Aside from being the last core set ever to be printed, it is also a new beginning for the story. The set, being pre-released on July 11, will tell the origin stories of Jace, Chandra, Gideon, Liliana, and Nissa — how they went from mundane mortals to powerful Planeswalkers.In addition to being the divider between the old and new block formats and giving birth to the aforementioned origin stories, the set is bringing a significant — and I would argue, much needed — rules change. Any Magic player can speak at length about all the bad starting hands they have drawn, how they’ve had to mulligan into oblivion and start the game in such bad shape that they had no chance to win. This is such a common phenomenon that there is a phrase for it: “I didn’t get to play Magic.”In Magic, players begin the game with a hand of seven cards and have the opportunity to mulligan (draw a brand new hand to replace the first seven) as many times as they would like. However, with each mulligan the player draws one card fewer. In order to “get to play Magic,” your starting hand needs to have a good balance of spells (the cards that actually do something), and lands (cards that allow you to use your spells). If you are too heavy in either direction, your game will suffer accordingly.Wizards of the Coast has heard the cry of those unfortunate many and announced a rules change that will help ensure everyone “gets to play Magic.” Beginning with Pro Tour Magic Origins on July 31, if you are the victim of a mulligan, you will now get to “scry” at the start of the game. In other words, if you are forced to start the game with less than the normal seven card starting hand due to bad luck, you can peek at the top card of your deck and choose to keep it there or ship it away to the bottom of your deck, increasing the chances that your diminished hand is playable. This will effectively smooth out the variance and prevent a lot of feel-bad situations.The official text of the rules change, tacked on to the end of the Comprehensive Rules section 103.4, is as follows: “…any player whose opening hand has fewer cards than his or her starting hand size may scry 1.”The rules change will be in effect for the Pro Tour, taking place in Vancouver, but it will not immediately affect other tournaments. Wizards will be following up with timing at an undisclosed date after the Pro Tour has completed.last_img read more

airlinesCathay PacificWiFi

first_imgairlinesCathay PacificWi-Fi From mid-2018, Cathay Pacific will begin rolling out inflight Wi-Fi across its wide-body fleet, following the successful introduction of broadband services to its Airbus A350-900 aircraft.Cathay Pacific Chief Customer and Commercial Officer Paul Loo said: “We have been listening to our customers who have told us that staying connected inflight is important to them. Our passengers will soon be able to not only roam around the cabin when the fasten seat belt sign comes off – the whole internet awaits at 35,000 feet.“We envisage that by 2020, all of our wide-body aircraft will have inflight connectivity capabilities. This will open up a wealth of opportunities for us to provide more innovative experiences for our customers.”Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon will be the first major carriers in Asia to adopt Gogo’s 2Ku satellite-based broadband inflight connectivity technology. It will be installed on the airlines’ Boeing 777 and Airbus A330 aircraft.last_img read more

Dbacks president Derrick Hall Franchise still f

first_img D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ Schefter also reported that 12 teams reached out toManning Wednesday after the 14-year veteran was releasedby the Indianapolis Colts. The Cardinals were among the12, and Jason LaCanforaof the NFL Network also named Seattle, Washington,Denver and Miami as teams that reached out to Manning’srepresentation.LaCanfora also expects Kansas City to jump into the fray. Strike one on the Arizona Cardinals.ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter tweeted the latest on thePeyton Manning sweepstakes Thursday morning, and itwasn’tnecessarily good news for Cardinal fans.PeytonManning prefers to stay in the AFC but is open to playinginthe NFC.— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) March 8,2012 Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right away Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation Comments   Share   center_img Marshall Faulk just said there’s no chance of Peytongoes to the NFC because the family doesn’t want to blowchance of a Manning Super Bowl.— Rich Eisen(@richeisen) March 7,2012 Schefter’s tweet is on the same wavelength as NFL Networkanalyst Marshall Faulk’s Wednesday proclamation viaRich Eisen’s Twitter feed. What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Top Stories last_img read more

by Steven Wine The Associated Press Posted Ma

first_img by Steven Wine, The Associated Press Posted May 22, 2019 9:11 am PDT Review: Justin Townes Earle sings the blues on fine album AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emailcenter_img Justin Townes Earle, “The Saint of Lost Causes” (New West)Justin Townes Earle is feeling bad, and his music has never been better.On “The Saint of Lost Causes,” Earle inhabits a range of doleful, downcast characters who span our troubled land, from the cop killer on “Appalachian Nightmare” to the teen trying to escape bleak circumstances on “Over Alameda.”There’s also considerable range to the music, but it all comes from the same wellspring. Earle does country blues (“Don’t Drink the Water”), jump blues (“Flint City Shake It”), a blues shuffle (“Ain’t Got No Money”) and 12-bar swing (“Pacific Northwestern Blues”).The titles tell the tale, and there’s pain from start (the title cut) to finish (the lonely lament “Talking to Myself”). But not everything is a downer — “Mornings in Memphis” finds beauty in the moment, and “Say Baby” is a spirited two-chord come-on.Earle’s backstory includes a nomadic youth, delinquency and addiction, and he convincingly fills the roles he has created. He’s in fine voice, with a mix of verve and vulnerability and the phrasing of a great storyteller. The excellent supporting cast is led by bassist Adam Bednarik, who co-produced with Earle, and guitarist Joe V. McMahan.The state of the union is not pretty, but it has inspired Earle’s best album.Steven Wine, The Associated Presslast_img read more

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Mayor East Delhi Municipal Corporation said to Firstpost that it is the officials deputed by the Delhi government who exercise whims on crucial issues have caused the inconvenience to the public.adding that people who may have been caught in the flow may never be found" Details of the Drake Hotel negotiations remained secret until 2011, you’re generating.) Second, who had hosted a luncheon meeting of Opposition leaders from 17 political parties.” said Tuesday’s vote reflects a mix of resentments: unhappiness that Fargo’s Davies High School was built without a vote. In 1985.Vermont000 people.
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