Shashi Kapoor let himself go after the death of Jennifer: Amitabh Bachchan pens teary-eyed note

first_imgThey worked in several films together, and gave the Hindi film industry its most famous dialogue till date: Mere Paas Maa Hai. That iconic dialogue from Deewar, with Amitabh Bachchan facing brother Shashi Kapoor while fighting over who is ‘richer’, still prods many a Bollywood lover to fill reams with the poignancy of that one scene.Last evening, after Shashi Kapoor breathed his last at the age of 79, Amitabh Bachchan was seen rushing to Kokilaben Hospital with his son Abhishek and daughter-in-law Aishwarya along.At 1.15am last night, Amitabh took to his blog to pen an emotional farewell note for his co-star of 12 films.Bachchan began his post with two lines from Rumi Jafri, “Hum zindagi ko apni kahan tak sambhalte / Iss keemti kitab ka kagaz kharab tha.””Standing elegantly without a care in the world, I saw him standing by a Mercedes Sports car, a convertible, a smart trimmed beard and moustache, adorning involuntarily, the face of this incredibly handsome man. It was a picture that filled almost an entire page of a magazine. (sic)” begins Amitabh.He goes on to talk about his first memory of Shashi and the years in between that the two of them spent.”Shashi Kapoor … son of Prithviraj Kapoor, younger brother to Raj Kapoor and Shammi Kapoor, making a debut in a forthcoming film, is what the caption read ..And I said to myself, as very uncertain thoughts raced through my mind of wanting to become a film actor, that, with men like him around, I stood no chance at all ..advertisement1969, and those early years of efforts to join the Industry were also the times when there was a close proximity, to the area of an atmosphere, that swivelled around this most attractive man. On and off, common friends in the Industry, which I was just getting acquainted with, would introduce me to him at select social gatherings ..”Shashi Kapoor !” was what one heard as he extended a warm soft hand out to you in introduction ; that devastating smile complimenting the twinkle in his eyes. He needn’t have done so. Every one knew him. But this was his infectious humble self. When he spoke, there was a mischievous, gentle, almost inaudible, delicate, yodel, in his voice – most endearing and comforting to the one he was introduced to. The self introduction habit, was a gem. The one being introduced to, was, quite obviously, prompted to say his or her name as well, when they heard his. It was a remarkable tool to come to know the other persons name .. and .. if and when there was to be another meeting after many forgettable years, the same technology was most helpful in remembering the other persons name, in case you had forgotten it .. !!I must admit .. it was a technology that remained with me as a learning, assisting me in using it during those uncomfortable times, when out of the blue someone would come out to you and address himself as a long lost buddy , with a : “remember me ! we last met 6 years ago at the crossing of Kemps Corner, as you drove past and waved to me” !!!My mind is warning me .. ‘of course you don’t, how could you possibly’ .. ‘stick that hand out ala Shashi Kapoor and act friendly..’ I obey .. ‘yes of course I do’ ..  I say .. looking recognisably lost .. ( sticking hand out ) .. Amitabh Bachchan ..!!And he would assure me with his .. and Kemp’s Corner and waving by, passing travelling vehicle, suddenly all come flashing by .. I am saved .. and he goes away with some rather impressionable opinions about me .. (sic)”Bachchan goes on to describe Shashi’s Greek-God looks and how he made his own barber give him Shashi’s haircut.”The next .. was his semi curly hair on head, falling carelessly over his forehead and ears, not quite covering it ..  and my upper story mumbled again : ‘hey ! maybe you should think of covering your ears as well ..’ … and off I went to Hakim the hair dresser at Taj Hotel with my plan .. and executed, it remained till date .. (sic)”Amitabh writes that he ‘never wanted to see this beautiful friend and ‘samdhi’ in the state I saw him in hospital”.”What followed .. is a documentation of very intimate association, personal exigencies .. collective professional camaraderie .. ending in family bindings  ..He had been ailing  .. somewhere he had let himself go after the passing away of his dear wife Jennifer .. I had visited him on occasion in Hospital during some of the times he had been hospitalised earlier .. but I never went to see him again .. I would never have .. I never ever wanted to see this beautiful friend and ‘samdhi’ in the state I saw him in hospital .. advertisement…. and I did not today, when they informed me that he had gone …”Bachchan ends his note with a description of the words from Rumi Jafri:”The words of the ‘sher’ at the opening came to me minutes after Rumi Jafri, eminent writer in our film industry, sent them to me on learning of his death ..”how long could I have preserved this exquisite and expensive book of life ; the pages of the book were damaged ..”He fondly addressed me as ‘babbua’ .. and with him have gone many incredible unread chapters of his and my life .. (sic)”ALSO WATCH: Shashi Kapoor on films and life in a 1991 interviewlast_img read more

Brilliance beyond barriers

first_imgKolkata: Sagar Chandra of Burdwan Municipal High School has made it to the tenth position on the merit list of 137 candidates released by the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education. But what separates Chandra from other students is the fact that he is differently-able. “Chandra does not like to be classified as differently-able and he had appeared in the examination from the general category, scoring 486. He has already cleared the entrance examination and been selected to study Chemistry at Indian Institute of Science (IISC) in Bengaluru,” said Sambhunath Chakraborty, headmaster of Burdwan Municipal High School. Also Read – City bids adieu to Goddess DurgaAccording to Chakraborty, he hardly avails the facilities for differently-abled people and always used stairs for attending classes on first and second floor. One of his legs is short and he uses an artificial limb but he never missed the opportunity to run along the corridor with his friends during tiffin break or after the end of school hours. “I have appeared in a number of competitive examinations like JEE (Advanced) whose results are still awaited. My admission at IISC is scheduled in a few days. So I will seek admission there and would decide where to study after the results of other examinations are out,” said Sagar, who is also an expert in drawing and has won a number of awards in the regional and national levels.last_img read more

Nova Scotia premier defends reinstatement of top aide who assaulted woman

first_imgHALIFAX – For the second time in four days, Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil was forced off message Thursday to defend himself from attacks on gender-related issues.At a campaign stop in Halifax, McNeil said Liberal communications director Kyley Harris deserved “a second chance” after being handed a conditional discharge for striking a woman in the face during a domestic argument on May 9, 2014.Harris was a spokesman for McNeil at the time, but was fired after waiting four days to tell the government he was facing an assault charge.Harris was hired back in 2015 to do research in the Liberal caucus office and is now listed as director of communications for the central campaign in the runup to the May 30 provincial vote.The matter resurfaced after federal Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose posted on social media Wednesday saying Harris’s re-hiring sends a “terrible message,” and that Liberal leaders “need to walk the talk on violence against women.”When asked about it Thursday, Nova Scotia Tory Leader Jamie Baillie said McNeil had exercised poor judgment in putting Harris back into his inner circle.“When the premier chooses to re-employ a person who pled guilty to a domestic assault I have to question his judgment. I think it shows poor judgment,” Baillie said. “It sends a terrible message to victims of domestic assault, men and women, who feel the system of government isn’t there for them.”In response, McNeil said he was proud of his party’s record on supporting victims of domestic violence, but that people shouldn’t be held back because of their past actions.“People deserve a second chance and Mr. Harris is one of those Nova Scotians,” he said, while dismissing Ambrose’s remarks. “As far as the national leader’s comments, that’s her comment.”McNeil added that Harris was not part of either his government or inner circle as Baillie had charged.After pleading guilty, Harris was sentenced to nine months’ probation and 30 hours of community service. He read a statement in court saying his actions were “inexcusable and disgraceful.”“I made an unforgivable mistake and I am sorry,” he said at the time.NDP Leader Gary Burrill pointed out Thursday the Harris controversy comes days after the premier drew fire for comments about running women in ridings that were “winnable.”“Mr. Harris’s appointment raises honest questions for people, particularly women around the province, and these are questions that it would be reasonable for us to expect Mr. McNeil to answer,” he said.McNeil was questioned Monday about why only 12 of the party’s 51 candidates for the May 30 election are women, but the Liberal leader insisted his party “has stood beside women to have them elected in meaningful ridings.”Burrill pointed out 24 of his party’s 51 candidates are women, while Baillie stood Monday with 12 female candidates and demanded McNeil apologize for his “thoughtless and dismissive comments.”The back-and-forth over Harris overshadowed the premier’s health care announcement Thursday, as he promised $78 million over four years to create and expand 70 collaborative care teams across the province. There would also be a $5 million annual fund for the construction and renovation of collaborative care clinics.The funding, announced in last week’s proposed budget, would go toward hiring nurses, social workers, and mental health workers to work with doctors in collaborative clinics.“This investment will attract highly skilled medical professionals to our province and provide an economic boost to communities when we expand our social infrastructure,” said McNeil.But he said the Liberals also realize that more doctors are needed now, and that’s why the party has made a commitment to hire 50 new doctors a year through another $2.4 million announced in the budget.Meanwhile, Burrill announced in a Halifax coffee shop that an NDP government would increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020 — helping an estimated 130,000 lower income workers.Burrill said the implementation plan would be similar to one in Alberta, and would see the current wage of $10.85 raised in three phases. He said it would start with an increase of $1 on Jan. 1, and would be followed by two increases of around $1.57.“The rest of Canada has been seriously improving the standard of living for the lowest paid amongst us while Nova Scotia has come close to a real standstill on this important measure of economic security and social inclusion,” said Burrill.He said the plan includes a commission on the economy that would consult with businesses, corporations, and not-for-profits to determine how to help them adapt to the wage increase.Baillie said a Progressive Conservative government would spend $150 million over 10 years to bring high speed Internet service to rural areas which have long done without. The funding would be cost-shared with Ottawa and municipalities, meaning the annual provincial contribution would be $7.5 million.“It is unfair to expect Nova Scotians because of where they live to be disconnected from an opportunity to make a living, an opportunity to learn and to participate in social media,” Baillie said. “In 2017 access to high speed Internet is an essential service that should not be out of reach to any Nova Scotian.”last_img read more

Stars Donate Glasses To Charity Auction

first_imgSightsavers is launching Specs Appeal 2016, a celebrity eBay auction stocked with more than 100 pairs of glasses and sunglasses donated by famous faces.Video: #SpecsAppeal | Sightsavers Celebrity eBay Auction | 25 November – 5 December 2016Among the more than 50 celebrities involved are actress Meryl Streep, Beatle Ringo Starr, pop sensations Annie Lennox, and Rita Ora, Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Robbie Coltrane and style icons Kate Moss and Vivienne Westwood, with shoppers having the chance to bag a unique Christmas present for a loved one. Or for themselves.The glasses are available on eBay from Friday 25 November – Monday 5 December.All funds raised will help Sightsavers carry out eye tests in some of the world’s poorest places, and distribute specs to those who need them.Sightsavers ambassador and actress, Sunetra Sarker, has given a pair of glasses and has also seen the work of Sightsavers in India. She says: “I’m supporting Sightsavers because, if it can help just one person to see again, then it’s worth it.”Sir Tony Robinson, who has donated a pair of reading glasses, says: “I want to give someone a chance to see more clearly and look as cool in my glasses as I did”.Stephen Fry’s iconic tortoiseshell glasses came with a note saying “We all need to see more clearly”.He’s right. Worldwide there are an estimated 124 million people who need glasses. In developing countries where the problem is most acute, it can be a challenge for people to get their eyes tested or buy a pair of glasses. Often this is due to there being too few ophthalmologists, not enough equipment or the fact that people simply can’t afford prescription lenses. Not having glasses effectively renders people blind or visually impaired. This impacts their livelihoods, families, schooling and quality of life.To find out more about the auction, click here.last_img read more

Budget 2017 promises additional billions to Indigenous communities

first_imgAPTN National NewsThe federal Liberal government unveiled a $305 billion federal budget Wednesday that will see hundreds of millions of dollars in new investments flow to Indigenous communities and peoples this fiscal year.Overall, the federal budget commits to providing $3.4 billion in new money over the next five years for First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples and communities. This money is in addition to the $8.4 billion announced in last year’s federal budget which was also spread over five years.The two figures would bring total new federal investments targeting Indigenous peoples and communities to $14 billion by 2021-2022—two years after the next federal election.“Together, we will build stronger, more resilient communities and renew our nation-to-nation relationship with First Nations, Inuit and Metis,” said Finance Minister Bill Morneau, in his budget speech to the House of Commons. “We will help break down employment barriers, with a focus on skills development, training and better education.”In his speech, Morneau claimed the new funding—which represents an increase of 27 per cent in spending between 2015-16 and 2021-2022—proves the Justin Trudeau Liberal government has erased the two per cent cap first imposed by the Liberals under Jean Chretien in 1996-1997 to control spending.“This represents an increase of 27 per cent, well in excess of the decades-old two per cent funding cap,” said Morneau. “And will contribute to a higher quality of life on reserves. All this, while setting Canada on a path toward true reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.”Morneau’s statement blurs the reality of the two per cent cap which limits how much funding Indigenous Affairs gets year-over-year.The new investments announced by the Liberal government are time specific—between five years to 11 years—and their permanence depends on the economic climate and the goodwill of government at the time.The previous Conservative government’s spending increases on the Indigenous file, which was also based budget to budget, routinely exceeded two per cent year-over-year.The Assembly of First Nations and the Trudeau government are currently negotiating a new fiscal arrangement to replace the two per cent cap with a larger escalator.The biggest piece of money in the Indigenous envelope—$1.15 billion over five years—targeted on-reserve infrastructure like housing, water treatment systems, health facilities and other similar projects. The money is part of a $4 billion package the Liberal budget said will be spread over 10 years. None of the new infrastructure money will be invested this year. A first instalment of $275 million will flow next year, with a matching amount to follow in 2019-2020, the next election year. The budget says a total of $600 million is slated to roll out in 2021 and 2022.The budget also promises $828 million over five years for First Nation and Inuit health, including $305 million for the non-insured health benefits program including $86 million to expand access to mental health services, $184 million for home and palliative care and $118 million for mental health programming.The new health funding also includes $83 million, over five years, to expand maternal and child health services for families with children under six years of age. The budget also sets aside $72 million for primary care, $50 million for chronic and infectious diseases and $15 million for a drug reduction strategy.The Liberal budget promises new money for northern and off-reserve housing, but the money is spread out over 11 years. The budget sets aside $300 million for northern housing with about $240 million going to Nunavut, $36 million to the Northwest Territories and $24 million to the Yukon.Budget 2017 additionally offers $225 million over 11 years in funding for housing providers that serve off-reserve Indigenous peoples. The funding is also earmarked to take over from the former Urban Native Housing Program.The budget also commits to continuing to fund Friendship Centres in urban areas with $118.5 million spread out over five years.The Liberal government, in support of plans to introduce legislation to protect and promote Indigenous languages, said it will invest $89.9 million over the next three years on the file. The budget earmarks $69 million of that total to enhance Indigenous language initiatives like learning materials, language classes, culture camps and archiving.Library and Archives Canada will receive $14.9 million through the same envelope to digitize existing Indigenous languages and cultural materials along with the development of an “Aboriginal Oral Testimonies Project” to document Indigenous heritage. The National Research Council will also receive receive $6 million to develop information technology aimed at preserving oral histories by converting speech to text, along with other interactive materials.On the justice front, the federal budget commits $56 million over five years to promote restorative justice, $65 million on rehabilitating and reintegrating Indigenous offenders and $82 million for policing services in First Nations communities.Budget 2017 also promises $250 million over five years for programs supporting Indigenous fisheries.While the budget provided no new funding for on-reserve K to 12 education beyond the $2.6 billion over five years promised in the last budget, it does set aside $90 million for First Nations post-secondary education.The federal budget also commits $24 million, on an ongoing basis, to resolve specific claims which deal with historical grievances over lost lands and mishandled trust fund monies.@aptnnewsnews@aptn.calast_img read more

Man with the most beautiful dogs in Fort Chip gives tourists a

first_imgTamara PimentelAPTN NewsHis team of dogs is something Robert Grandjambe of Fort Chipewyan takes great pride in.It’s his hobby, his income and his culture.He passes the tradition on to visitors of Fort Chip with Atim Ostogwan Dog Sledding and Boat Tours, a company he created with his wife.“It’s really, really important to pass that on,” he said. “It’s sad that a lot of young people aren’t interested in this anymore.”People from the south travel to the community to get a taste of northern culture. And it’s the only business like it in Fort Chip.“A good way to retain that culture is to practice it and share it with visitors,” Grandjambe said. “We see that in the eyes of the guests. They’re so interested.“They’ve never seen this before and perhaps I may be the last person who’s doing this.”But getting the dogs ready to hit the trails isn’t an easy task.Grandjambe has a fishing net on Lake Athabasca which he pulls regularly to feed his family and his dogs.Rather than buying dog food at the local grocery store, Grandjambe said fish is healthier and more cost effective.With oil production a few hours away near Fort McMurray, fishing also allows him to monitor the condition of the lake.“If you see the fish every day and you’re keeping an eye on things, you’re watching what’s going on,” Grandjambe said while pulling his net.“So I think that’s why it’s so important to continue this lifestyle.”After the fish are frozen, it’s feeding time.As the hungry dogs whine and howl, Granjambe cuts the fish into pieces and hands them to the dogs.When it’s time to take the dogs out, Grandjambe harnesses them up with dog blankets that his wife made.“The reason they did this a long time ago was because the elders in the community would give away their daughters,” he said, “When they gave their daughters away they wanted to give to a good provider. So if you had a beautiful team of dogs well you were naturally a good provider and a good trapper or hunter.“So it was a competition to have the most beautiful dogs.”Decorated with tassels, flowers and bells, the dogs are ready to take off.The hour long ride takes tourists through creeks, forests, and muskeg and sometimes through town.Residents stop and watch the most beautiful dogs in all of Fort read more

LS elections choice between Modi and chaos Jaitley

first_imgNew Delhi: Calling the upcoming Lok Sabha elections a choice between chaos and Narendra Modi, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Monday said what the Opposition had promised to be a “mahagathbandhan” (grand alliance) was turning out to be an alliance of several conflicting “gathbandhans” with multiple leaders, each trying to outwit the other. Jaitley said that going by past precedents, such an alliance could only lead to chaos. “The choice is clear — it is either Modi or chaos,” he said in a Facebook post. Also Read – How a psychopath killer hid behind the mask of a devout laity! The Finance Minister said while several issues occupied the agenda space in an election, the issue of foremost relevance in 2019 was that of leadership where the Bharatiya Janata Party with “absolute clarity” was a clear winner against a “self-destructive coalition of rivals” in which the leadership issue was an “absolute puzzle”. “Within the NDA there are no leadership issues. There is absolute clarity. Narendra Modi leads the NDA and will be the Prime Minister in the event of a victory. His leadership is nationally accepted, his ratings are very high. His track record speaks for itself,” Jaitley said. Also Read – Encounter under way in Pulwama, militant killed On the other hand, he said, was Congress President Rahul Gandhi “who is an inadequate leader” and has been “tried, tested and failed”. “His lack of understanding of issues is frightening. He aspires to be the leader of this chaotic pack,” Jaitley said. He said Mamata Bannerjee was positioning herself as the “sutradhar” (architect) of this grand alliance but “won’t concede a single seat either to the Congress or the Left in West Bengal but will want them to be her pillion riders if she drives the vehicle.” Taking about the other opposition parties, Jaitley said the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and the Samajwadi Party (SP) would contest against the Congress but eventually join hands, and so would the Trinamool and the Congress-Left alliance in West Bengal. “However, in Kerala the Congress and the Left will contest against each other. The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the National Conference (NC) tried to form the government together with the support of the Congress in Jammu and Kashmir. “Today they are rivals in an election and on the dangerous agenda of either ‘autonomy’ or ‘pre-1953 status’, but could join hands with the ‘gathbandhan’. The Biju Janata Dal (BJD), the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) and the YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) are not with the ‘gathbandhan’,” he said. Jaitley said the BSP was wiped out in the last Lok Sabha elections and Mayawati had now changed her strategy and wanted a strong BSP and a weak Congress. “She holds her cards close to her chest. She will open them only after the results are declared…Leaders with flexible ideologies think that they are acceptable to all. The opposition alliance is unclear — it is absolutely fragile,” he said. Jaitley added that none of the opposition parties were capable of winning any significant number of seats and the alliance won’t have a stable nucleus. “What was promised to be ‘mahagathbandhan’ is turning out to be a ‘gathbandhan’ of several conflicting alliances. It is a self-destructive ‘coalition of rivals’,” he said. “The contest is against a leader in whose hands the country is secure and developing. He is trusted. Against him, there isn’t any projected leader. There are multiple leaders, each trying to outwit the other. They can only promise a temporary government if we go by the past precedents. One can be certain of chaos. The choice is clear, it is either Modi or chaos,” Jaitley said.last_img read more

Can redevelopment finally purge an old orphanages demons

BURLINGTON, Vt. — Officials hope a new, vibrant neighbourhood will help purge the demons of an imposing building with a troubled past in Vermont’s largest city.The building in Burlington once housed a Roman Catholic orphanage and later the now-defunct Burlington College.The orphanage was the scene of allegations of abuse and even killings of children. The Vermont attorney general and the church itself continue to investigate.The college was the focus of a federal investigation into the business practices of the wife of Sen. Bernie Sanders. It was only last November that a representative for Jane Sanders said she was informed no charges would be filed .Mayor Miro Weinberger acknowledges the property was the scene of “a couple pretty dark chapters” but that “what is emerging now is much more hopeful.”Wilson Ring, The Associated Press read more

No end in sight for droughthit Ethiopia UN aid wing says

5 November 2008The prolonged drought across much of Ethiopia is likely to continue into next year, and the outlook for crop production in the east of the country remains grim, the United Nations humanitarian wing said today. The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said a recent UN crop assessment found that at least six areas of eastern Ethiopia have recorded near total crop failure because of inadequate rainfall.An inter-agency UN assessment team also began this week to determine the emergency needs for the first half of 2009, as the wider Horn of Africa region continues to suffer from the combined effects of drought and high food prices.OCHA said the key emergency needs are expected to include food, health care, nutrition, water and sanitation, agriculture and livestock.Last month OCHA appealed for $265 million to fund its relief operations across Ethiopia for the next three months to meet the widening scale of the crisis, which has left an estimated 6.4 million people dependent on food aid to survive.An immediate scale-up of government and donor support is essential to meet even the basic needs of drought-hit communities, OCHA stressed. read more

Sports information directors The people behind the scenes of Ohio State sports

Although they will never make a single play on the field or the court, sports information directors (SIDs) make the headlines for almost every game. A SID provides information to media and fans, which can include working on media guides, updating a team’s Twitter feed and updating live statistics during games, said SID and assistant director of athletics communications at OSU Brett Rybak. “You’re kind of the intermediary between the media and the team,” said Rybak. “We’ll set up interviews and release information to various media outlets after games.” Rybak, in his third year with OSU, worked in the sports information department while he was an undergraduate at Otterbein University. During his senior year at Otterbein, Rybak was a student intern in the OSU athletics communications. In 2012, Rybak worked as the SID for OSU women’s soccer, baseball, women’s gymnastics, rifle and pistol teams as well as helped with men’s basketball and football. For those who work in media, like former Lantern editor-in-chief Zack Meisel, a SID is the middle-man between student-athletes and the media. “It’s a unique role and a critical one in sports,” said Meisel, who currently works for “There’s always going to be that separation between players and reporters. The SIDs are the ones who will set everything up, make sure the media has what it needs and at the same time makes sure that the players have the privacy and security they need because you can’t just go directly to a player for something.” Meisel said OSU’s system, which has many directors covering multiple sports, works well. “If you’re going to be a reporter and cover Ohio State, it obviously helps to get to know the SIDs a little bit,” Meisel said. “When I started out, I introduced myself to as many as I could, just to avoid potential snags.” Another former Buckeye sportswriter said he had mostly positive experiences with SIDs, but journalists must be wary of the information they give. “You just have to be careful as a journalist not to fall into a trap of where you’re taking everything they feed you,” said Grant Freking, a sportswriter for the Greenfield Daily Reporter in Greenfield, Ind. “They’re not going to give you the story; they’re going to give you what you ask for. You can’t just rely on them or expect them to go above and beyond for you. You accept what they give you and have to ask for something else in return so you can get that extra layer.” Rybak said he tries to maintain a good working relationship with not only the media, but the teams as well. “I think it’s a professional relationship of mutual respect,” Rybak said of the coaches and athletes. “They know what I have to do and I know what they have to do. For them, the most important thing is playing the game and stuff like that. So you take that into account, but I have to get my job done as well.” Since the SIDs work closely with sports teams each season, the players and coaches form relationships with them and have their own opinions of the SIDs. “Well, (Rybak) means a lot to me,” said OSU baseball coach Greg Beals. “He helps coordinate all these (media-related) activities and stuff that goes on. I’m a baseball guy. I’d prefer to be out there on the field in uniform instead of in front of cameras. He helps coordinate that.” Beals said Rybak also collects information and statistics the team finds useful. “The other thing is that I’m a numbers guy,” Beals said. “So he makes sure we get the stats and I have all the information I need to crunch my special numbers and do some things for our players. I like to motivate them with different numbers than just batting average and that stuff.” Both journalists and coaches agreed that SIDs play important roles for their respective jobs during games. Rybak said it’s tough work, but that it can be rewarding. “Fifteen-hour days aren’t out of the question, that’s for sure,” Rybak said. “It’s definitely not easy, but it has its rewards as well. I’d be paying attention to sports anyways, so why not make a career out of it? I get to pay attention to sports every day. On top of that, you get to get stories out of the student-athletes. I’d say that’s the most rewarding part of it.” read more

Your Photos More amazing autumnal pics taken by you

first_imgLAST WEEK WE put a shout out for you to send us in any of the great Autumn photos you have taken.Well, we didn’t know you guys were such talented photographers and that you would send in so many great shots.Last week’s installments of Autumn pics can be seen here.AutumnBut we got so many other great photos that capture just how beautiful Ireland is in the Autumn, we just had to show you some more.last_img

Chrome World Wide Maze turns websites into a 3D game

first_imgIf you’ve ever had someone ask you to demonstrate how the modern browser has changed how we use the Internet, Google’s latest Chrome Experiment should absolutely be your go to answer. It’s called Chrome World Wide Maze and lets you play a 3D tilt maze game using websites as levels.The ability to sync your browser experience from one machine to another may not be new to most of us, but it is by far the most useful feature in your arsenal if you are constantly switching between machines. Especially on Chrome, where a Google login will keep your active browser experience across every device you are logged into.To be able to reach into my existing browser session on my desktop and interact with it, and to have the machine where I started that session be aware of my interactions, is a powerful tool to have. How do you take that experience one step further? If you’re Google, you make a video game where your smartphone is a controller and the other Chrome instance is the display.Gaming on a smartphone allows you to interact using accelerometers, gyroscopes, and of course the touch screen. This is why racing games and table tilt games on smartphones are so much fun — you turn your phone and the game responds instantly, as though you were at the arcade.Chrome World Wide Maze is a fun table tilt game with an unmistakably Google twist. The game starts by using the Tab Sync tool in Chrome, so your desktop browser is the display and your phone is the controller. You tilt your phone, and the ball rolls around on the screen.Each of the levels in the game is a website that has been turned into a twisting 3D maze and filled with gems to collect for points. If you make it to the end of the maze before the timer runs out, you’ll receive a score that can be shared. If you jump off the ledge, or fail to reach the objective in time, you’ll be able to try again two more times before getting a game over.In testing the game out, using a Galaxy Nexus and then an LG Optimus G as a controller, I found that the more powerful your phone is the less lag there will be between your handset and the display. Even with the Galaxy Nexus, the lag between the two devices is barely noticeable, but on the Optimus G the experience was flawless.Head to the Maze website and check it out for yourself.last_img read more

Hépatite C symptômes transmission traitement de quoi sagitil

first_imgHépatite C : symptômes, transmission, traitement, de quoi s’agit-il ?L’hépatite C est une maladie infectieuse du foie très fréquente. La transmission de son virus se fait par voie sanguine. Quels sont ses symptômes et quel est son traitement ?Définition : qu’est ce que l’hépatite C ?L’hépatite C est une maladie infectieusedu foie transmise par le sang par le virus du même nom. Elle fait partie des hépatites virales et peut entraîner une cirrhose ou un cancer du foie. Le virus de l’hépatite C (VHC) est responsable de la forme aiguë (le plus souvent asymptomatique et sans gravité) et de la forme chronique de la maladie. Dans le monde, environ 150 millions de personnes sont touchés par l’hépatite C. On estime que 500 000 personnes meurent chaque année de pathologies liées à la maladie. Il n’existe pas encore aujourd’hui de vaccin contre l’hépatite C. Symptômes de l’hépatite CL’hépatite C aiguë survient après une période d’incubation d’environ six semaines. Elle est asymptomatique dans la majorité des cas. Il arrive cependant que le malade puisse ressentir de la fièvre, de la fatigue, des douleurs abdominales, une perte d’appétit, des nausées et des vomissements, une coloration foncée des urines ou une jaunisse. Environ 15 à 35% des hépatites C aiguë évoluent spontanément vers la guérison des patients. Les 65 à 85% restant vont développer une infection chronique, c’est-à-dire durant depuis plus de six mois. Si elle est également le plus souvent asymptomatique pendant des décennies, l’hépatite C chronique peut provoquer une dégradation progressive du foie sur plusieurs années. Celle-ci va alors entraîner des lésions hépatites, une cirrhose et dans de plus rares cas, un cancer du foie. Ces complications s’accompagnent de signes tels que du diabète, des troubles cardiaques ou cutanés… Transmission de l’hépatite CLe virus de l’hépatite C se transmet par voie sanguine. Les modes de transmission les plus fréquents sont l’utilisation de drogues par intraveineuse avec du matériel non stérile, une transfusion de sang contaminé, une mauvaise stérilisation d’un outil médical ou une transplantation d’organe. Le dépistage automatique des dons du sang instauré en 1991 a permis de réduire considérablement la contamination par ce biais. Dans de très rares cas, une mère infectée par le virus peut le transmettre à son nourrisson à la naissance. La transmission par voie sexuelle serait également possible mais reste non prouvée et controversée. Les co-contamination VHC/VIH sont également courante dans certains pays. Dans environ 10% des cas d’hépatite C, la cause de la maladie n’est pas connue. On parle alors d’hépatite sporadique. Diagnostic de l’hépatite CLe diagnostic de l’hépatite C se fait généralement très tardivement, lors de la phase chronique, la maladie étant le plus souvent asymptomatique. Il se déroule en deux étapes. Tout d’abord, un test sérologique permet de détecter les anticorps spécifiques anti-VHC qui apparaissent vers la fin de la période d’incubation.  À lire aussiNouveau plan national de lutte contre les hépatites En cas de test sérologique positif, un test d’amplification des acides nucléiques doit être effectué afin de mesurer la quantité de virus présent dans le sang. En cas de stade avancé de la maladie, il est important de déterminer l’état des lésions hépatiques, notamment à l’aide d’une biopsie du foie. Traitement de l’hépatite CLe traitement de l’hépatite C n’est préconisé que lors de la phase chronique de la maladie. La phase aiguë peut en effet aboutir dans certains cas à une guérison spontanée. Il consiste généralement en une bithérapie à base d’interféron alpha pégylé et d’un médicament anti-viral appelé ribavirine pour une durée de 12 semaines. De nouveaux médicaments limitant les effets secondaires (syndrome pseudo-grippal, anémie) ont cependant été mis au point récemment.L’efficacité du traitement dépend notamment du type du virus de l’hépatite C. En effet, le taux de réussite atteint les 80% en cas d’infection par les génotypes 2 et 3 mais seulement 45% en cas d’infection par le génotype 1, plus résistant au traitement.Le 17 novembre 2015 à 16:35 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Bicyclist seriously injured in hitandrun crash in Mission Bay

first_img January 8, 2019 KUSI Newsroom, KUSI Newsroom Posted: January 8, 2019 Categories: Local San Diego News, Traffic & Accidents FacebookTwitter SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A bicyclist was hospitalized Tuesday with serious injuries after she was struck by a hit-and-run motorist in the Mission Bay area.It happened around 8:05 p.m. Monday in the 1400 block of West Mission Bay Drive, west of Ingraham Street, San Diego police Officer John Buttle said.A 40-year-old woman was crossing West Mission Bay Drive on a bicycle from north to south when she was struck by a vehicle traveling eastbound, Buttle said.The victim was taken to a hospital for treatment of serious injuries, which were not believed to be life-threatening, Buttle said.The driver of the vehicle that struck the cyclist fled the scene, Buttle said, adding that it was described as a tan or gold sedan. Bicyclist seriously injured in hit-and-run crash in Mission Baylast_img read more

Alaska News Nightly Monday Sept 24 2018

first_imgStories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @AKPublicNewsListen nowState charges 41-year-old in death of Kotzebue girlZachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media – AnchorageProsecutors allege that Peter Wilson abducted and killed 10-year-old Ashley Johnson-Barr in a case that has gripped attention for weeks.Walker campaign says Republican-funded group didn’t disclose ad spendingAndrew Kitchenman, KTOO – JuneauA complaint said the group Families for Alaska’s Future – Dunleavy failed to report ads the Republican Governors Association bought in Alaska.Russian aircraft spotted near Alaska airspace for third time this monthTim Ellis, KUAC – FairbanksThere’s been another air space incursion off Alaska by Russian military planes. The North American Aerospace Defense Command identified and tracked four Russian aircraft that entered the Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone Friday.Fairbanks hosts air quality conference, with wood stoves a contentious topicRobyne, KUAC – FairbanksFacing a December 2019 deadline to substantially reduce local fine particulate pollution the Fairbanks North Star Borough is far from achieving attainment. The borough hosted an annual air quality conference Friday and Saturday.In Fairbanks, building a home on permafrost with an uncertain futureRavenna Koenig, Alaska’s Energy Desk – FairbanksWhen Benesch bought this property back in 1999, he was pretty sure it had permafrost under it, though he didn’t know for certain.Governor declares emergency for Alaska Native languagesAdelyn Baxter, KTOO – JuneauGov. Walker’s order directs the state to use traditional place names on state signs and to promote indigenous languages in public education.Serving your community: Sand Point teacher nominated for Alaska Teacher of the YearWesley Early, Alaska Public Media – AnchorageIngrid Cumberlidge is a third grade teacher from Sand Point. Cumberlidge has taught in the Aleutians East Borough School District for over twenty years, and her Sand Point roots run deep.Petersburg Medical Center treat flu cases from cruise shipJoe Viechnicki, KFSK – PetersburgThe same day Petersburg’s post office was shut down last Thursday with a hazardous materials spill, the Petersburg Medical Center was treating an outbreak of influenza among passengers and employees on a cruise ship docked there.Post-surge, Sitka assists electric customers with insurance claims Robert Woolsey, KCAW – SitkaAt least 50 homes are known to have experienced appliance failures — mostly in heat pumps — after a utility contractor snapped a guy wire, creating a short between the city’s high voltage transmission lines and lower-voltage distribution lines.last_img read more

Nodeal Brexit will leave UK at US mercy says British

first_imgLONDON: British opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that a no-deal Brexit would leave the UK at the mercy of US President Donald Trump. Writing in the Independent newspaper, Corbyn accused Prime Minister Boris Johnson of “cosying up to Trump” because “no-deal Brexit is really a Trump-deal Brexit”, the BBC reported on Tuesday. Also Read – Pakistan test-fires 290-km range missile Advertise With Us Corbyn said that he believed the European Union (EU) referendum result was being hijacked by those wanting what he called a “bankers’ Brexit”. “The Tories are going out with their begging bowl to billionaire hedge funders to raise cash for an autumn general election. “The chaos and uncertainty caused by a no-deal Brexit is a potential goldmine for speculators betting against the pound. Also Read – Imran calls on Pakistanis to take part in ‘Kashmir Hour’ Advertise With Us “(No-deal Brexit) won’t return sovereignty, it will put us at the mercy of Trump and the big US corporations dying to get their teeth into our NHS (National Health Service), sound the death knell for our steel industry and strip back our food standards and animal welfare protections.” ALSO READ: UK PM Boris Johnson’s Brexit letter offers no alternatives to Irish backstop: EU Advertise With Us Corbyn further wrote in the Independent that he would “do everything necessary” to prevent no-deal Brexit and would discuss all options with other party leaders to “stop this no-deal disaster in its tracks”. The Labour leader, who wants to call a vote of no confidence in Johnson’s government when Parliament returns after its summer recess, is due to meet other party leaders on Tuesday to discuss his plans to avert a no-deal Brexit, the BBC reported. Corbyn hopes to take over as a temporary Prime Minister, seek an extension to Britain’s October 31 EU departure date in order to avert a no-deal exit, and then call a general election. Responding to Corbyn’s article, Conservative Party Chairman James Cleverly said: “The alternative to delivering Brexit is Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street, a man who would wreck the economy, break up our Union, is soft on crime and won’t stand up for Britain. “All Corbyn offers is chaos, delay and uncertainty.” Cleverly insisted only Johnson and the Conservatives can provide the leadership needed to deliver Brexit by October 31, “whatever the circumstances”.last_img read more

Watch Indias Nirbhay missile successfully test fired from Odisha

first_img Close IBTimes VideoRelated VideosMore videos Play VideoPauseMute0:01/0:47Loaded: 0%0:02Progress: 0%Stream TypeLIVE-0:46?Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedSubtitlessubtitles settings, opens subtitles settings dialogsubtitles off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window. COPY LINKAD Loading … India’s ‘Nirbhay’ missile successfully test fired from Odishacenter_img In a major boost to the country’s defence sector, India successfully test fired ‘Nirbhay’ – the 1,000 km strike range sub-sonic cruise missile – off the coast of Odisha on Monday, April 15.The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) continued with its successful run of missions this year. Nirbhay cruise missile, developed by Bengaluru-based Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE), a lab under Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) conducted the successful launch of the all-weather missile.According to ADE, the Nirbhay cruise missile is India’s first indigenously designed and developed long-range cruise missile which is designed to carry conventional and nuclear warheads.This is a developing story. More details awaited.last_img read more

School teacher killed in road crash

first_imgA female school teacher was killed in a road accident near Bhalaipur-Ramnagar bridge in Damurhuda upazila of Chuadanga district on Wednesday afternoon.The deceased is Hasina Begum, wife of a certain late Sujat Ali of Gopalpur village, also a teacher of Mathaldanga High School, reports UNB.Quoting local people, the police said Hasina Begum fell down from the vehicle while she was returning home after visiting a physician around 4:00pm and sustained serious injuries.She was taken to Chuadanga Sadar Hospital where on-duty physician declared her dead on arrival.last_img

Canadians visiting Maui are among Hawaiis big spenders Yes really

first_img Share Posted by Jean Sorensen Tuesday, March 6, 2018 Canadians visiting Maui are among Hawaii’s ‘big spenders’. Yes, reallycenter_img VANCOUVER — When the Maui Visitors and Convention Bureau (MVCB) landed in Vancouver recently to promote the tri-island destinations of Maui, Molokai, and Lanai, it should have been humming the show tune refrain “Hey Big Spender”.The latest figures from the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA), for January 2018, show that Canadians in Maui are among the big spenders for the destination, with their monthly increase in spending outstripping all other Hawaiian islands and resulting in a record expenditures to kick off 2018. The MVCB hosted a dinner at Vancouver’s Blue Water Café, eager to meet with the travel trade and keep the visitor numbers pumped.Leaning on research figures, Leanne Pletcher, Director of Media Relations and Marketing for the MVCB, said spend is definitely up. “The Canadian market has been very strong because of the weather,” she said. Figures for 2017 from the HTA show a 12% gain in Canadian visitors to Maui, the Hawaiian chain’s second largest island.HTA spending statistics for January 2018 show just how much all visitors are opening their wallets. All visitors to Maui, a long-time favourite destination for Canadians, increased their spending by a whopping 18% over last January, spending $548.5 million. That figure compares to the island of Hawaii (which saw a 1.8% gain to $268.2 million) and Kauai which had a 2.3% gain to $191.2 million.The January figures were the highest monthly totals ever recorded for each island, according to the HTA. Visitor spending on Oahu declined slightly (-1.9% to $662.0 million) in January compared to last year.Figures also show that the Canadian market is rebounding after a stagnant 2015 and 2016. In 2017, Canadian visitors spent $1.03 billion, an 8.1% increase over the previous year, while visitor arrivals increased 10.4% to 518,051. Scheduled air carrier seats out of Canada grew 5.5% in December 2017, with more seats out of Vancouver.The Maui delegation to Vancouver brought news of a number of new property renovations and excursions for travel agents.Krystle Alcain, PR Manager for Westin properties including Ka’anapali Ocean Resort and Nanea Ocean Villas, says the two properties cater to multi-generation family visits with one, two, and three bedrooms suites, with kitchen.WESTIN HOTELS & RESORTSWestin opened its Nanea Ocean Villas in April 2017, a resort property with eight buildings and 390 suites spread over 16 acres. Westin representative Krystle Alcain said the new resort offers one-, two- and three-bedroom suites and a highly sought-after property for multi-generational visits. “They have fully equipped kitchens,” she said, adding that there is also a dedicated children’s pool facility. The new property is also close to a Times Supermarket and has a small grocery outlet on site for essentials.More news:  Kory Sterling is TL Network Canada’s new Sales Manager CanadaThe Nanea is nearby the Westin’s other signature resort. Situated on 26 acres of beachfront, the Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas is also a AAA Four Diamond resort that is suitable for multi-generational visits, said Alcain. One of the features of the two properties is the ability to share facilities. Westin’s third property on the Island is the Maui Resort and Spa, which unlike the villas, offers mainly hotel style rooms and is popular for couples, but can accommodate a couple with a child, says Alcain.THE RITZ-CARLTON KAPALUAThe Ritz-Carlton Kapalua is a property that has undergone a $30 million facelift with the bulk of the major revamp finished in January of this year. The luxury resort is a popular wedding site. “We have about 150 a year,” said Communications Manager, Deanna Miller, adding that several sites are allocated through the resort for weddings.The upgrade includes newly transformed guest rooms (with Nespresso coffee machines and wireless Internet able to accommodate 10 streaming devices), suites and residences, an enhanced lobby and pool and Kai Café. The decor reflects the heritage and scenic beauty of the island with rooms having floor to ceiling glass windows. The last phase of the upgrade will be the Banyan Tree and Terrace breakfast restaurants, which is to be complete in fall 2018.The renovations were started two years ago when Trinity Investment purchased the AAA Five Diamond resort which has 297 guest rooms and 107 residence condos (the first phase of the upgrade) from partnership Woodridge Capital and Colony Capital and others for $210 million. Trinity gained control of the 54 acre property in November 2016 and at that time announced it was embarking on an upgrade to make the 25-year-old facility more competitive.Candy Aluli, representing the Napili Kai Beach Resort, shows off one of Hawaii’s attractions: beautiful flora.NAPILI KAI BEACH RESORTCandy Aluli, representing Napili Kai Beach Resort, said the luxury property property will appeal to those interested in the environment. In December 2017 the Napili Resort embarked upon a campaign on its beachfront to educate bathers about the dangers of using sunscreen with ingredients that are harmful to the coral reefs. Guest checking in at the luxury property that is located in a reef protected bay will receive a free sample of a reef-safe sunscreen along with a discount coupon for purchasing more. The resort’s beach staff also walks the shoreline providing information to sunbathers on the beach about the importance of examining sunscreen ingredients. Research has found that sunscreen with harmful chemical toxins are killing the coral reefs in Hawaii.More news:  Flights cancelled as British Airways hit by computer problemThe 163-room hotel, located in a scenic bay, includes studios, one and two bedroom suites (most with kitchen) in 11 low-rise plantation style buildings. Approximately 96% of the rooms offer ocean views looking out over the bay it is situated in. Facilities include a beachfront restaurant and bar (the landmark Sea House Restaurant), four swimming pools, a boutique spa, fitness room, large ocean view whirlpool spa, and two 18-hole putting greens, one for adults and one for children.Golf and tennis are available in the adjacent Kapalua Resort community. The Napili Kai offers complimentary parking, free in-room wireless, kids age 10 and under eat free, no hidden charges or resort fees and other complimentary services.LANAI: HOME TO HAWAII’S MOST EXPENSIVE SUITEBridgett Parker, MVCB’s Social Marketing Manager, said those staying on Maui can easily travel to nearby Lanai by public ferry. While the 140-acre island is rustic in nature and 98% of it is owned by Oracle Corporation co-founder and billionaire Larry Ellison (who purchased the island in 2012), it does welcome visitors.Lanai also features Hawaii’s most expensive hotel suite, selling at $21,000 a night. Ellison acquired two hotels in the deal when he purchased the bulk of the island for $300 million. One features an 11-room Hawaiian style hotel, while the other is the Mandele Bay which went through an extensive upgrade to a luxury facility with Ellison overseeing the renovation. He reduced the number of rooms from 286 to 217 to provide more luxuries. Guests at the property gain access to the facility’s golf course which is a favourite of Bill Gates. Tags: Hawaii << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more