Quebec comic Mike Ward in court defending joke about disabled singer

first_imgMONTREAL — Quebec’s Appeal Court is hearing arguments about whether a comedian who joked of drowning a disabled boy should have to pay damages to the child and his family.The Quebec Human Rights Tribunal ruled in 2016 that Mike Ward made discriminatory comments about Jeremy Gabriel’s disability during shows between 2010 and 2013. The tribunal ordered him to pay $35,000 in moral and punitive damages to Gabriel and $7,000 to his mother.Gabriel has Treacher Collins syndrome, a congenital disorder characterized by skull and facial deformities. He became a minor celebrity in Quebec after he sang with Celine Dion and for the Pope.Ward joked that he thought Gabriel’s illness was terminal and people were only nice to him because he would soon die. Ward joked that after he realized the child was not going to die, he tried to drown him.The comedian’s lawyer, Julius Grey, told the three-judge appeal panel today that his client wanted to make fun of the fact that speaking badly of Gabriel was considered taboo.Grey says the joke was not discriminatory but offensive, and offensive comments must be protected in a free and democratic society.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Vancouver to lose Timeless but will gain XFiles Six and several new

first_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Login/Register With: Advertisement Other TV series that made similar relocations from Vancouver due to California’s tax incentives have been Lucifer, Legion, and Mistresses.However, a new production that Vancouver has gained is a gritty military drama TV series. Six shot its first season in North Carolina. However, it will be shooting its second season here in Vancouver from July 17 to November 23.READ MORE While much of the media attention has focused on California luring screen productions back to the state with its ramped-up tax incentives, Vancouver has also gained a number of productions.The sci-fi TV series Timeless is the latest TV series to relocate from Vancouver to California.NBC’s Timeless had been cancelled earlier this year but received a surprise renewal for a second season. The series follows a time-travelling trio (played by Abigail Spencer, Malcolm Barrett, and Matt Lanter) who are pursuing a thief (Goran Višnjic) who stole a time machine with the intent to change U.S. history. The production will employ approximately 250 cast members, 220 crew, and 3,000 extras. Advertisement Facebook Advertisement Twitterlast_img read more

Globe And Mail Cutting Weekday Arts Life Sports Sections

first_img Facebook Twitter Login/Register With: While no staff are expected to be lost as part of the restructuring, some may be reassigned, and consequences for freelancers, as well as the GTA’s Friday Real Estate section, are unclear.Neither editor-in-chief David Walmsley nor Gabe Gonda, the head of Features, Sports, and Opinion, have yet responded to requests for comment, but we’ll be happy to update if they do.Last week, The Globe announced that it would be cutting its Atlantic Canada edition, halting distribution of papers in the region at the end of November.With a report from Jesse Brown. Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment The Globe and Mail plans to reduce the number of sections in its weekday print product starting in December. News and Report on Business would survive as standalone sections, with Life & Arts coverage folded into the former and Sports into the latter, as part of a larger redesign of the paper.Final details remain undecided, but several sources connected to the paper expressed concern that the changes would result in a net loss of arts coverage.While the impact on Monday-Thursday arts content would likely be minimal — given the limited space that it currently occupies — the loss of the standalone Film section published on Fridays in the Greater Toronto Area would be more difficult to offset elsewhere in the paper. Deadlines, however, would be later for “A” section content, allowing for more timely arts news and reviews. Advertisement Advertisementlast_img read more

Minister Rabbah to Keynote at Moroccan American Bridges 2015 Conference in

New York — Aziz Rabbah, Morocco’s Minister of Equipment, Transport, and Logistics, will present the keynote speech at the 2015 Moroccan American Bridges conference presented by The Association of Moroccan Professionals in America (AMPA) on December 4th in Washington, D.C.Entitled “Educating Business for the 21st Century,” the flagship conference, features a number of substantive panels addressing areas including education and entrepreneurship. The event is co-sponsored by the Middle East and North Africa Consultants Association, with the support of strategic partners AmCham Morocco, AV Actions, Morocco Premier Events, Morocco World News, and the American University of Leadership.The conference also includes an expo featuring products made by Moroccan Women’s cooperatives with the support of the Association d’Enfant dans les Hautes Montagnes, a Moroccan non-profit dedicating to improving lives of rural children in the mountains. Minister Rabbah will address a number of topics including the promotion of investment opportunities in Morocco, especially in the sectors covered by his Ministry and also other areas and Education, current institutional reforms in Morocco, and proposals for the creation of a Free Logistics Zone dedicated to American companies in Morocco. read more

Frances Macron to launch controversial pension overhaul

PARIS — French President Emmanuel Macron is holding a special government meeting to outline his domestic agenda for the coming year, including a controversial overhaul of the pension system.Macron is gathering government members Wednesday at the president’s Elysee Palace in the presence of High Commissioner Jean-Paul Delevoye, who has been appointed this week to drive the reform.Macron has said the changes would make the public pension system “fairer.”But the move is expected to be perilous for the government after so-called “yellow vest” protests against social injustice disrupted Macron’s reform attempts last autumn and challenged his leadership for months before petering out this summer.Some labour unions, which say that the changes will make people work longer and reduce pensions, have already scheduled strikes and protests for this month.The Associated Press read more

Thesis defences — Jan 15 to 19

Natalie Caetano Feitoza, a candidate in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, will defend her Master of Science in Kinesiology thesis on Thursday, Jan. 18 at 11 a.m. in Walker Complex 203.Her thesis is titled “The effect of dairy consumption with exercise and healthy eating on the metabolic profile in overweight/obese adolescent girls.”The examination committee members are Dr. Andrea Josse-Obar, Supervisor; Panagiota Klentrou and Bareket Falk, Advisory Committee; Dr. Deborah O’Leary, External Examiner (Brock University); Dr. Kimberley Gammage, Chair. The following is a list of thesis defences taking place at Brock from Jan. 15 to 19.All are open for the University community to attend.Master of Science thesis defencesDaniel Hughes, a candidate in the Department of Earth Sciences, will present his Master of Science thesis defence by video conference on Tuesday, Jan. 16 at 10:30 a.m. in WH 147.His thesis is titled “Detecting spatial variation in hydrology and carbon export across a lake-rich permafrost landscape: Old Crow Flats, Yukon, Canada.”His examination committee members are Dr. Cheryl McCormick, Chair; Dr. Susanne Tank, External Examiner, (University of Alberta); Dr. Kevin Turner, Supervisor; Dr. Michael Pisaric and Dr. Francine McCormick, Committee Members. Master of Arts thesis defenceSustainability Science and Society student Caitlin Garner will defend the thesis, “The Impacts of recent wildfires on stream water quality and macroinvertebrate assemblages in southern Northwest Territories, Canada,” on Thursday, Jan. 18 at 9 a.m. in WH 147.The examination committee includes Dawn Zinga, Chair; John Chetelat, External Examiner (Carleton University); Michael Pisaric, Supervisor; and Kevin Turner and Bronwyn Hancock, Committee Members. read more

Championship culture the goal for Ohio State womens basketball

Sophomore guard Ameryst Alston (14) drives to the basket during a game against Iowa Jan. 19 at the Schottenstein Center. OSU lost, 81-74.Credit: Ryan Robey / For The LanternDespite having a new coaching staff and playing the hardest schedule in the country, the Ohio State women’s basketball team is three games above .500 on the year and has plenty to look forward to on the season.The Buckeyes (12-9, 2-3) are led in scoring by sophomore guard Ameryst Alston, who is averaging 17 points per game and was a two-time Associated Press Ms. Basketball in the state of Ohio while at Canton McKinley High School.OSU has also received key contributions this season from another sophomore guard, Cait Craft, who leads the team in 3-pointers.Craft, who is averaging 8.8 points a game so far this season, said the OSU program has a very bright future.“I do have a lot of confidence in the team, especially this year,” Craft said. “I have a lot confidence with the new coaching staff. Everyone is buying into their system which makes it a lot of fun.”OSU coach Kevin McGuff is not only trying to change the culture of the program, but his attempts to bring in the nation’s best players are not going unnoticed. OSU’s 2014 recruiting class is ranked No. 7 in the country, according to ESPN.Not only has McGuff signed a top-10 recruiting class, he has also brought in two transfers from power conference schools, Georgetown and Duke.Freshman guard Kianna Holland from Duke and freshman forward Shayla Cooper from Georgetown are set to join the team on the court after Fall Semester exams are finished.Even with everything building toward the future, McGuff said he is still focused on the current season.“I have not thought too much about next year,” McGuff said. “When I think about the future, it is just about creating a championship culture.”Creating that culture could be made easier by the return of Alston and Craft to the lineup — both lead the team in average minutes per game — as well as redshirt-junior guard Amy Scullion, who is set to return next year as a fifth-year senior.Scullion, who leads the team in 3-point shooting percentage, said expectations are high going forward.“I want us to make the (NCAA) tournament,” Scullion said about the current Buckeye team. “I think coach McGuff has done a great job of changing the culture of this program and he has made it a winning program.”The Buckeyes missed out on the NCAA tournament last season for the first time since the 2001-02 season, ultimately leading to the firing of former coach Jim Foster. OSU also finished tied for eighth in the Big Ten last season, tied for their worst finish in the conference since the 2000-01 season.The Buckeyes are looking to further the winning culture this Thursday, as they are set to travel to Ann Arbor to take on Michigan (13-5, 4-1) at 7 p.m. read more

Police arrest woman for filming in her own front yard

first_imgThe introduction of good phone cameras and small pocket cameras has made filming every day events both quick and easy. But when it comes to filming the activity of your local police officers things can get a bit out of hand even if you are doing it from your own front yard.New Yorker Emily Good noticed a police cruiser pull over a car infront of her house last month and decided to film what happened from the privacy of her own front yard. At first the 3 police officers in attendance didn’t notice, but when they did officer Mario Masic did not like it. He asked if Good needed something and she explained she was just recording because “It’s my right.”The officer believed Good was not allowed to do this “from the sidewalk,” but actually she was and could also legally record from her actual position of her front yard. Masic then tells Good he doesn’t feel safe with her standing behind him and orders her to go inside. She does not, she is within her legal rights to be where she is doing what she is doing.The situation escalates with Masic accusing Good of anti-police statements of which there were none as the video clearly shows. Masic then arrests Good who is more than a little upset and confused as to why she is being targeted in this way. Other local residents watching the incident also can’t understand why this happened.The charge brought against Good is obstructing governmental administration. The police have launched an internal investigation and Good will appear in court next Monday. We think with the video evidence and witness statements there is no way a conviction can be brought against her.Even though it’s the filming that probably caused this reaction from officer Masic, it shows how such evidence can mean the difference between seeing what really happened and relying on someone’s word and recollection of events.via Huffington Postlast_img read more

Second child porn arrest at school

first_imgGeorge Iliakis of Brighton Grammar is the second teacher to be arrested for a child pornography scandal. The thirty four year old was charged with accessing and possessing child pornography.Federal police allege they found hundreds of photographs taken by the year six teacher of boys aged between about eight and 12, some tied with rope, handcuffed or gagged.The Melbourne Magistrates Court heard from Federal agent Anthony Jayatilake that Iliakis admitted he had tied up boys and photographed them for sexual gratification until 2006.Former Brighton Grammar teacher John Newton Hewitt was last year sentenced to 18 months in jail, but released on an order to be of good behaviour after he pleaded guilty to child pornography charges. He said that “some of these individuals’’ – the boys he photographed had sent Iliakis child pornography and child abuse material. He also said that that another boy, aged 15, had sent him images of sex acts Iliakis had asked him to perform.Brighton Grammar headmaster Michael Urwin sent a letter to parents indicating that Iliakis had been suspended. He said there was no suggestion Iliakis had behaved inappropriately while on the school’s staff.Iliakis was released on Thursday following a contested bail on strict conditions to try to reduce the risk police said he posed.Along with the bail grant, magistrate Maurice Gurvich imposed a $50,000 surety and eleven conditions that included a curfew, as well as bans on using computers, and daily reporting to police. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Inside Diversifieds Latest Focus Group Initiative

first_img The program, called the ASAP Power Panel, is targeted to the audience of Diversified’s Administrative Professionals Conference and the American Society of Administrative Professionals it manages, and centers on a different type of data science than most survey initiatives. Instead of one-off questionnaires, the company is getting users to sign on for repeated surveys or focus groups. Getting a critical mass of individuals to agree to fill out multiple surveys each month isn’t easy though, and it’s not necessarily the right fit for every audience. Incentive programs help—Diversified is offering participants gift cards and donations for their efforts—though it’s even more important that administrative professionals are, by and large, “very engaged,” “very talkative” and “pretty much the perfect group for this,” Clark says. “I really saw the magic in longitudinal research—going back to the same folks over and over again—versus the one-and-done survey,” says Katie Clark, senior insights manager for Diversified. “With one-off surveys, you can’t chase the person down the street and ask them ‘Why did you think that?’ Longitudinal research lets you go back again and again and again, and iterate at every stage of the process.” While a lot of publishers offer up their audiences for surveys, Diversified Communications is putting a new spin on the practice. Pricing varies widely, Clark says, though the program is doing well enough that the company has plans to roll it out to different brand audiences soon. Longitudinal studies—observing the same group several times—offer benefits that cross-sectional studies—one-time samples—don’t. Clark cites a product launch process as an example of where longitudinal research proves its worth. From ideation to product development to marketing and release, companies are able to get a consistent base to weigh against previous samples, ensuring they’re progressing in a coherent direction.   Hitting the right frequency of studies—not overwhelming them; not letting them lose interest—and mix of questions—“We aren’t asking anything we already know the answer to,” she says—are also key. Since the pilot program launched in September, more than 600 individuals have signed up. There’s actually a waiting list of interested participants, though preserving demographic balance has prevented Clark from adding more from specific groups.last_img read more

BUSINESS BRIEF Wilmingtons Security Innovation Announces Hack Through The Holidays Event

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Security Innovation, an authority in application security, announced it will make its popular CMD+CTRL cyber range available to the public for free for a limited time. With approximately 90% of attacks occurring at the software layer, and research indicating that skilled personnel is a primary reason organizations can’t adequately defend themselves, this initiative helps solve both problems.A primary goal of Security Innovation’s Hack Through the Holidays event is to educate users about the benefits of using Cyber Ranges to build and maintain skills in an engaging way.  Unique to the industry, CMD+CTRL is a simulator where users compete to find vulnerabilities in business applications in real-time. Unlike many holiday promotions, there are no strings attached: no credit cards, commitments, or software to download.The CMD+CTRL Cyber Range opens up at 9am ET on Friday, December 21.  Those looking to learn more about Cyber Ranges can find info in our series of blog posts, starting with Getting Started with a Cyber Range.Videos, blogs, and tip sheets will help those with limited security background; yet, there are plenty of challenges for even the most advanced hackers. Real-time scoring tracks user progress so you can track progress moving up the leaderboard. There are dozens of challenges of varying levels of difficulty. No one has found them all yet – can you?Summary Details:Runs from Friday 12/21  until Wednesday 1/2No tools needed – just an internet connection, browser, and attitudeRegister: Security InnovationSecurity Innovation is a pioneer in software security and trusted advisor to its clients. Since 2002, organizations have relied on our assessment and training solutions to make the use of software systems safer in the most challenging environments – whether in Web applications, IoT devices, or the cloud. The company’s flagship product, CMD+CTRL Cyber Range, is the industry’s only simulated Web site  environment designed to build the skills teams need to protect the enterprise where it is most vulnerable – at the software layer. Security Innovation is privately held and headquartered in Wilmington, MA USA. For more information, visit or connect with us on LinkedIn or Twitter.(NOTE: The above press release is from Security Innovation via Globe Newswire.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email You To Our Sponsor:Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWilmington’s Security Innovation Wins Two Security Industry Awards In FebruaryIn “Business”BUSINESS BRIEF: Wilmington’s Security Innovation Honored For Security Computer-Based TrainingIn “Business”BUSINESS BRIEF: Wilmington’s Security Innovation & ICMCP Join Forces To Address Cybersecurity Talent ShortageIn “Business”last_img read more

Citizen Group Seeks Water Rights in Proposed Mining Area

first_imgChuitna Coal Mine. (Graphic Courtesy DNR)The public comment period closes Thursday on a water-rights petition from a citizen group fighting a proposed coal mine in the Chuitna watershed on the west side of Cook Inlet.Download AudioIn 2009, the Chuitna Citizens Coalition filed a series of water-rights petitions to theDepartment of Natural Resources. They asked DNR to reserve water rights in a tributary of the Chuitna River called Middle Creek.Judy Heilman helped start the coalition which comprises fishermen, some residents from the community of Beluga, and others. The group filed the petitions in response to a proposed coal strip mine in the watershed. Specifically, they are asking the water in Middle Creek to be saved for salmon.“That’s the first mining LMU, logical mining unit, that they want to start and it’s 14 miles of salmon spawning stream and they want to mine down 300 feet deep,” says Heilman.She says 15-20% of the silver salmon for the Chuitna River are spawned in Middle Creek. She and other opponents of the mine are concerned not only about the resource itself, but about fishermen and subsistence users who depend on it.“It’s very important for Alaskans to be able to fish and fill their freezers with salmon. There’s never been a salmon stream that’s been restored that’s been destroyed like that,” says Heilman.Bob Shavelson is the director of Cook Inletkeeper, which has partnered with the coalition.“Well, the west side of Cook Inlet is still a very remote and spectacularly beautiful place and the Chuitna watershed is unique in that it supports all five species of wild pacific salmon,” says Shavelson. “Like everywhere around Cook Inlet, the Chinook fisheries have been getting hammered recently and nobody has a great understanding on that. But, the Chuitna River has been listed by the Department of Fish and Game as a fishery of concern for Chinook. That’s just another reason that we should protect it because if our king salmon are hanging on by a thread right now, we need to provide everything that we can in a changing climate to make sure they have the resilience to fight back.”In 2013, PacRim Coal LLC filed for water rights for Middle Creek to divert the water from the stream and mine underneath. According to DNR’s Chuitna mine page, it’s part of a surface coal mining and export development proposal. It would be a 25-year project producing nearly 12 million tons of coal annually.If it were constructed, the coalition says it would be the state’s largest coal strip mining operation.Since the coalition and PacRim Coal have both filed for water rights, only one will emerge with the state’s approval.“I think it’s important to recognize that Governor Walker came in and it was a refreshing openness that he brought and he put together a transition team,” says Shavelson. “The fisheries transition team unanimously came up with a recommendation for what they call a Fish First policy, and that is when we’re making management decisions around our natural resources, we should put fish first and I can’t think of a better example than Chuitna to implement that policy.”According to DNR, PacRim Coal has made changes to their original mine proposal and has not yet submitted an updated draft. However they are aware of the Coalition’s instream flow reservation petition.In an email response to a request for comment, PacRim’s Chuitna Coal Project Manager, Dan Graham, wrote quote “PacRim is currently reviewing the notice and applications on file and has no further comment at this time.”Shavelson says the state’s decision in this case could have ramifications for other areas.“Well it really would be a new policy in the state’s history because never before has a wild salmon stream been mined completely through,” says Shavelson. “Looking back over decisions about salmon habitat, I can’t think of a more important decision in the past 25 or more years for the management of our resource because if we trade salmon for coal here, if we sacrifice a vibrant salmon ecosystem for a one-time use, then we’re going to set a precedent that’s going to put salmon streams across the state at risk.”Judy Heilman says she thinks this could be one step down that path.“It’s very important for the next generations coming up. We can’t leave them polluted streams, no fish in the streams, polluted air. We can’t do that to the kids coming up and the next generation. We have to leave them better than what we have now.”last_img read more

Maruti Suzuki to invest Rs 15000 crore for sales and services infrastructure

first_imgMaruti Suzuki will spend a whopping Rs 15,000 crore towards expanding its sales-and-service infrastructure over the next five years, as India’s biggest carmaker aims to grow its annual sales to nearly 2 million units by 2020 from 1.1 million vehicles in last fiscal year.The earmarked investment will be used to procure land for dealers to double the number of dealership outlets, expanding warehousing capabilities and transportation facilities.The growth in the company’s annual sales will be mainly led by production at its third plant in Gujarat, which is expected to start operations by early 2017.”We have to double our network as the Gujarat plant output will lead to a gradual doubling of sales. The bulk of the investment required for additional sales will precede start of production at our Gujarat plant. The total money needed for creating additional sales-and-service infrastructure has been estimated to be Rs 30,000 crore. Of that, half the money will be invested by us, and the rest by dealers,” Maruti Suzuki Chairman R C Bhargava told Business Standard.Currently, the Delhi-headquartered automobile company has more than 1,700 dealership outlets in the country and it has recently set up a new dealership network, Nexa, to sell premium cars. The company is also planning to open a network for its light commercial vehicle launches.The company had spent Rs 11,000 crore to build its current sales-and- service infrastructure , Bhargava said adding that the setting up of the same infrastructure would now cost Rs 30,000 crore due to an exponential rise in land prices.As land prices are expensive for dealers, the company plans to procure the land and lease it for the dealers. It has already formed a team of executives from real estate firms to manage its “land-procurement exercise”.”The land cost today is making it difficult for dealers to invest. But if investments are not made, it will hurt us. We will buy sites where we want dealerships and workshops to come up in future,” said Bhargava.The company is sitting on a cash pile of about Rs 13,000 crore and the Rs 8,000-10,000-crore investment in the Gujarat plant will be made by its parent Suzuki.last_img read more

1 suspended as Ilias Kanchan passes airport security with gun

first_imgIlias Kanchan. File PhotoThe Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) on Wednesday suspended one of its officials for negligence of duty as film star Ilias Kanchan passed security check with a bag containing his revolver at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka on Tuesday, reports UNB.CAAB chairman air vice marshal M Naim Hassan told UNB that they have been investigating into the incident and on-duty operator Fazlar Rahman was suspended over the issue.However, the former film star and an activist demanding road safety told this correspondent that the breach was “unintentional” and in the first scanning the gun was not detected while he was going to Chattogram from Dhaka.Meanwhile, Mohibul Haque, secretary to ministry of civil aviation and tourism, said that the revolver was spotted by the on-duty security officials during second scanning of Ilias Kanchan’s luggage.They immediately brought it to Kanchan’s notice and he admitted that he was carrying a licensed gun, he added.But the film star denied it saying, “During the second scanning after getting the boarding pass, suddenly I could recall that I had a gun in my bag and immediately I informed it to the security officer.”last_img read more

A free trip to South Korea

first_img“Win the South Korea Quiz contest 2017 and get a chance to visit Korea for free,” stated Jong Sool Kwon, Director, Korea Tourism Organisation (India office). He further added, “In order to bring South Korea closer to the hearts of the youngsters in the tri-city, Korea Tourism Organization India has launched a Quiz Contest for Tri-city school students. The Quiz is open for school students from class 8th to 12th of Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula and surrounding areas”, he also affirmed that the winner will get a free trip to South Korea for six days while discounted trip would be given to the runner ups. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf The Quiz Contest will be organized by Athena Ventures with the support of Korea Tourism Organization. Participation Certificates have been promised to all participants. Athena Ventures has organized many similar programs for Korea, as well as for other countries.Naveen Sharma, chairman, Athena Ventures also said that a child can participate in the quiz through his/her school only up till July 24. He stated that more than 4,000 students are expected to take part in the quiz contest. All the material related to the quiz would be provided free of cost on the internet. The quiz will be concluded with its final level on August 13.last_img read more

Doctors call for 12hour strike

first_imgKolkata: Doctors across the state have called for a 12-hour strike under the banner of Joint Platform of Doctors. The protest will hit the services in state-run hospitals and the patients will suffer the most.Protesting against the assault on a junior doctor at the NRS Medical College and Hospital, doctors and interns in the state-run hospital and medical colleges resorted to seize-work despite a huge number of patients stood in queues since Tuesday afternoon. Despite repeated requests and pleas by the patients’ families doctors did not withdraw their protest. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataAccording to a source, a rumour was spread through social media platforms that the junior doctor, Paribaha Mukherjee, was serious after being attacked by the relatives of the patient, who died of alleged negligence. Mukherjee is stable and undergoing treatment at the Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata, at Mallikbazar. Director of Medical Education Pradip Mitra tried to convince the junior doctors and interns that Mukherjee was not critical but none believed him. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateAs soon as the news reached other hospitals such as North Bengal Medical College and Hospital, Burdwan Medical College and Hospital, Midnapore Medical College and Hospital and other major hospitals in the state, junior doctors and interns resorted to cease work hitting the outdoor and emergency services of these hospitals. Despite repeated requests from hospital authorities and state government the doctors refused to get back to work. In the evening, authorities of Institute of Neurosciences told the mediapersons that Mukherjee was undergoing a surgery but he was stable. He suffered a ‘depressed fracture’ on his skull. Following the surgery, he will be kept under observation and at present he is out of danger. After the hospital authorities issued the statement, junior doctors were requested to get back to work but they continued with their protest. Later, Joint Platform of Doctors, the forum of doctors, called for a 12-hour strike starting from 9am on Wednesday. The forum said the emergency services would be provided but the whole medical system will be affected due to the doctors’ protest.last_img read more

Incredible Story of the Swedish Skier who was Frozen Underwater – and

first_imgHuman beings are not designed to withstand extreme cold. Our bodies function normally at around 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 Fahrenheit), and even a slight fluctuation of just a few degrees can put vital organs under serious strain. However, in 1999, a Swedish doctor survived an ordeal that most people considered impossible: her body temperature dropped below 14 degrees Celsius (57.2 Fahrenheit) before she was resuscitated and brought back from the brink of the end.According to The Guardian, in May 1999 Anna Bågenholm was working in Narvik Hospital in Norway, training to become a surgeon. One morning she set off for the Kjolen Mountains with friends for a day on the ski slopes. Bågenholm and her friends had made this trip countless times over the previous winter, but this time it would prove to be memorable for all the wrong reasons.Bågenholm was skiing in the mountains outside of the town Narvik (pictured) when she fell into a frozen stream. Photo by Tom Corser CC BY-SA 2.0 ukBågenholm suffered a fall on the slopes, lost her skis and tumbled straight down the side of the mountain, breaking through the ice of a frozen stream. According to The Guardian, she hurtled headfirst into the water and was pulled underneath the ice by the rushing current.Luckily, her friends found her quickly and were able to stop her from being dragged further downstream. However, they were unable to extract her from the water. She managed to find an air pocket to allow her to breathe, but the near-frozen water quickly sent her body temperature plummeting, and she soon lost consciousness.Eighty minutes later, the rescue crew arrived and managed to extract Bågenholm from the water. Her body temperature was recorded at 13.7 degrees Celsius (56.6 Fahrenheit), her heart had stopped beating and she was, by all appearances, gone.Nevertheless, the rescue team continued to perform CPR and flew her to the nearest hospital, where Dr. Mads Gilbert was the head of the emergency department. In Norway, doctors do not typically declare an individual to be deceased until their body has been brought back to a normal temperature, and Gilbert knew that even after having been lifeless for so long, there was still a slim chance that Bågenholm might be resuscitated.Gilbert said vigorous CPR plays an important role in the rescuing of victims of accidental hypothermia with circulatory arrest. Photo by Rama CC BY-SA 2.0 frTypically, once a body suffers a cardiac arrest, the cells begin to suffer damage as a result of the lack of oxygen and the person will soon perish unless they receive timely medical intervention. However, according to The Guardian, Gilbert knew that the fact that Bågenholm had been effectively frozen might have arrested this “dying” process. He is said to have remarked, “We will not declare her dead until she is warm and dead.”According to Gilbert, the cold waters of the stream had lowered the temperature of Bågenholm’s brain to such a degree that by the time she went into cardiac arrest, it required almost zero oxygen. As a result, she did not begin to suffer the same kind of cell damage as if her body temperature had lowered following a cardiac arrest.A Sea King helicopter brought Bågenholm to the Tromsø University Hospital. Photo by ThorRune CC BY-SA 3.0The doctors realized that her potassium levels were normal, which indicated that her cells had not been significantly damaged and that resuscitation efforts had a chance of success. Bågenholm underwent a procedure known as cardiopulmonary bypass, where the patient’s blood is pumped out of their body in order to bring it back up to a normal temperature. Her body temperature gradually started to rise, and miraculously, four and a half hours after she fell through the ice, Bågenholm’s heart began beating again.Although she did not regain consciousness for another 12 days, over time, Bågenholm made a complete recovery. She was initially paralyzed from the neck down but was eventually able to move, walk, and even ski once more.Related Video: Frozen in Time: The Final Moments of the Citizens of Pompeii Captured in CastAt the time of her accident, Bågenholm broke the record for the lowest drop in body temperature before recovery, descending to 13.7 degrees Celsius. However, in 2011, seven-year-old Stella Berndtsson fell over a cliff and into the sea near her family home.Read another story from us: Neanderthal fell down sinkhole 150,000 years ago and fused with its wallsWhen she was found, her body temperature was just 13.2 degrees Celsius, and yet she survived to tell the tale. Although these survival stories are rare, they demonstrate the remarkable resilience of the human body, even in the most extreme conditions.last_img read more

Cancun man drowns in lagoon after drinking swimming

first_imgCancun, Q.R. — A man who went swimming after ingesting alcoholic beverages has been found drowned in a lagoon in Cancun.The body of the 39-year-old man was pulled from the water nearly five hours after he was reported missing. The man, along with friends, were drinking while swimming at the El Milagro lagoon in a colony of Cancun.Friends say the man went swimming across the lagoon but not appear again. Area neighbors called 911 around 7:30 p.m. Personnel from Civil Protection and the Red Cross along with local fireman, began to search for the man.The body of Rogelio Pérez was found late that night, after 50 minutes of searching by a team of two divers from the Mexican Association of Lifeguards.Reports say that the small group of friends were drinking under the lagoon palapa and were taking turns swimming across the lagoon when one of them stop in the middle, unable to reach the bank. The others were unable to help since they too, had ingested alcoholic beverages.The body has been transferred to the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) for an official autopsy.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Emirates CEO says US laptop ban still puzzles him

first_img DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — The chairman and CEO of Dubai’s long-haul carrier Emirates said Tuesday he “can’t dig into somebody’s mind” to understand why the U.S. instituted a ban on laptops and other personal electronics in carry-on luggage from 10 cities in Muslim-majority countries.However, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum said he believes U.S. President Donald Trump is a businessman who “wouldn’t want to affect American business” in his decisions.Sheikh Ahmed’s careful phrasing mirrored that of his rival, Qatar Airways CEO Akbar al-Baker, the day before at the Arabian Travel Market exhibition in Dubai.The exhibition last year featured a stand by the luxury hotel chain bearing the new American president’s name, but this year the company apparently decided not to take part.Sheikh Ahmed didn’t mince words, however, when describing what he thought after watching the video of a United Express passenger being forced off a flight. Those videos showed a bloody passenger being dragged off a flight in Chicago on April 9 by airport police after he refused to give up his seat to make room for crew members.More news:  Rome enforces ban on sitting on Spanish Steps“Those people who dealt with it, they should be more professional,” he told journalists. “That is something that should not be acceptable.”Sheikh Ahmed also acknowledged the challenges facing the global aviation industry, saying Emirates was considering so-called premium economy seats, planned on launching a new first-class “product” this year and was looking at other measures. He even hinted that Emirates might work in closer partnership with budget carrier FlyDubai, another Dubai government-backed airline.“If I’m looking at it from the Dubai ownership of two airlines, I have Emirates, we have FlyDubai,” he said. “We can do something there.”He declined to elaborate. Emirates CEO says U.S. laptop ban still puzzles him By: Jon GambrellSource: The Associated Press Wednesday, April 26, 2017 Tags: America, Donald Trump, Emirates Share << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

What an MLB source said about the Dbacks trade h

first_img What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Given that, the Cardinals may very well be the favorites, and they could have the schedule to thank.“Arizona got Carolina, the Rams get the Saints,” Arizona Sports 620’s Dave Burns said. All scheduling aside, Burns thinks the Cardinals may have improved just enough in the offseason.“Are they great? No. Did they get good enough to win this division? I think [Monday night’s Rams/Giants game] proved to me that the Arizona Cardinals got good enough to win this division,” he said. “They get six games against the Rams, Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers.”The NFC West was won by a 7-9 team last year because the division, as a whole, was terrible. Could the same thing happen again? Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation Two games into the NFL season, the NFC West is a combined 2-6, a record that would likely be worse had the Seahawks and 49ers not played each other in Week 1. In fact, the division is so bad — once again — that mediocrity may take the crown, and while many thought the Rams would come out on top, that doesn’t appear to be the case anymore. “It’s going to be a bad year for the Rams,” Arizona Sports 620’s John Gambadoro said. D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’center_img Top Stories Comments   Share   Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right awaylast_img read more