Tall Crop Tactic

first_img“So we’re really producing the same amount of fiber in a much shorter time,” saidMoorhead, a forest regeneration scientist with the UGA Extension Service. “We havethe ability to really intensify some production without putting more acres intoproduction.” “The seedlings have good survival,” Moorhead said, “and get some early diametergrowth.” Closer management is the key. Experts place the value of timber and timber products second only to broiler chickensamong Georgia farm crops. Forestry is worth more than even peanuts, cotton andvegetables. Farmers have begun to manage trees more like they do their annual row crops. Theycontrol weeds with herbicides and provide their tall crops the nutrients they need. “Where it once may have taken us more than 20 years to grow a certain amount ofwood, we’re now producing that in 12 or 15 years on many of our sites,” DaveMoorhead said. Managing pulpwood pine forests carefully, Moorhead said, can help maintain the treesupply that makes all of that possible. Georgia farmers are learning a better way to manage pines. And the tactical switch isenabling them to grow trees at least 25 percent faster, said a University of Georgiaforester. Fertilizing helps, too. Without needed nitrogen and phosphorus, the seedlings won’tgrow to their full potential. Applying fertilizer a number of times through the 12- to15-year rotation can help trees grow their best.center_img The extra fertilizer costs more. But Moorhead said it’s worth it. “You still get a goodreturn,” he said, “because you’re growing a lot of fiber in a short time.” That pulpwood is made into paper and paper products we use every day: writing paper,cardboard boxes, packing and wrapping materials and even napkins and bathroomtissue. Georgia leads the world in pulpwood production, Moorhead said. “The focus has reallyshifted to the South as the wood basket of not only the United States,” he said, “butalso the world.” The paper industry expects a 7 percent increase in worldwide demand for paper andpaper products through the year 2000. Moorhead said Georgia farmers can help meetthe demand for wood fibers with this intense management. Georgia-grown trees are used for many products. Some trees turn into buildingmaterials, others into poles and posts. But pulpwood uses, by far, take the largest part– almost 45 percent. Weeds and underbrush steal vital water and nutrients from young trees. Controllingthem, especially in the first few years after planting, gets trees off to a good start. Georgia’s 13 mills produce more pulp and paper than any other state. Almost 70,000people work in these mills. The Georgia wood and paper processing industry adds $3.5billion to the state’s economy annually.last_img read more

Tree Time Begins

first_imgThe Thanksgiving turkey is barely cleared off the table when many Georgiansbring in theChristmas tree.”Live Christmas trees have an attractiveness, fragrance and traditionthat can’t be matched withartificial substitutes,” said DaveMoorhead, an Extension Serviceforester with the University ofGeorgia D.B.Warnell School of Forest Resources.Jim Lindquist, owner of Lindquist Christmas Tree Farm in Senoia andpresident of the GeorgiaChristmas Tree Association, says the average cost of a pine this yearwill be $20 to $25.”Leyland cypresses will probably be $30 to $35 for an average 6- to7-foot tree,” he said. “Andthe imports like Fraser firs will be more, because you have to figurein transportation costs.”Moorhead said Georgia farmers provide about a third of the more than1 million trees Georgiafamilies buy for their holiday decorating. Most Georgia farms sellchoose-and-cut trees. Pricesvary from $2 to $7 per foot.”Whether you select your live Christmas tree from a retail lot or cutyour own at a farm, followbasic guidelines to make sure you’re getting a good tree,” he said.”Tree shape, height and foliage characteristics are important featuresto consider when you selectthe tree,” he said.* Check the height of the ceiling in the room where you will displayyour tree. Select a tree atleast one foot shorter than the ceiling height.* Gently pull along the needles for the length of a branch. They shouldbend but not break or falloff.* Shake or bounce the tree to be sure the needles are firmly attached.If the tree is fresh, fewneedles should fall off. Some loss of needles inside the tree is common.* Avoid trees that look wilted.* Make sure the handle of the tree (the remaining trunk) is straight.The handle must be 6 to 8inches long to stay in a stand.* Check for insects and dead needles inside the top of the tree. Havedead needles shaken orblown out when you buy the tree.If you don’t realize your tree has insects until you get it home, tryto shake them off by bouncingthe tree on the ground. You can spray the tree with an indoor-outdooraerosol insecticide thatcontains Pyrethrin before taking it inside.If you don’t see the insects until the tree is inside your home, sprayit with an indoor-approvedaerosol insecticide. Carefully follow the label directions.”You’ll know you have insects in your tree if sticky drops appear onthe floor and on the presentsaround your tree,” Moorhead said.If you don’t plan to put your tree up right away, cut 1 inch off thebase, put the tree in a bucket ofwater and stand it in a shady place.”When you do bring the tree indoors, cut another one-half to 1 inchoff the base of the trunk,”Moorhead said. “And put it in a tree stand that holds at least onegallon of water.”Never place a tree near a fireplace, heater vent or any heat source.And always keep the treewell-watered.”Check the water level in the stand several times each day,” Moorheadsaid. “Trees can useseveral quarts of water every day. And you never want the water levelto fall below the base ofthe tree.”If the water level does get below the base, the cut end can seal overand prevent the tree fromtaking in water.Over the years, all sorts of gimmicks have been concocted to make atree last longer. Don’tbother.”Adding aspirin, soda water, bleach or sugar to the water in the treestand,” Moorhead said, “isno more effective in keeping the tree fresh than adding just plainwater each day.”last_img read more

Northern Lights Home Inspection offers Energy Services

first_imgNorthern Lights Home Inspection offers Energy ServicesMatt Sargent of Northern Lights Home Inspection is now offering Energy Efficiency Services to area residents. Sargent has been conducting residential and commercial energy efficiency analyses since 1992 for clients such as VT Gas, Efficiency Vermont, EPA Energy Star program, State of Vermont and all major Vermont electrical utilities.Northern Lights Home Inspection is now offering energy improvement services to homeowners who wish to reduce energy costs and improve the performance and comfort of their homes. Energy Services range from basic walk-through energy audits to a full range of diagnostic testing and computer modeling of building performance.Written reports with energy improvement recommendations and cost savings estimates are available. Northern Lights Home Inspection also offers nationally certified home inspections, radon testing, water testing, mold testing, carbon monoxide testing and more.For further information contact Matt Sargent at 583-4333 or inspect@madriver.com(link sends e-mail)last_img read more

Weekly unemployment claims continue upward climb

first_imgThere were 1,361 new regular benefit claims for Unemployment Insurance last week, the second time in three weeks claims have spiked over 1,000 and now exceed the post Tropical Irene spike. This is an increase of 246 from the week before. Last summer’s historically low claims came to an abrupt end with the storm. The numbers then dropped signifcantly in the following weeks, but in the last several weeks there has been mostly an increase in the number of new claims. The latest numbers are more than double the initial claims observed in July and August.Altogether 7,113 new and continuing claims were filed, a decrease of 58 from a week ago, and 2,613 fewer than a year ago. The Department also processed 1,384 First Tier claims for benefits under Emergency Unemployment Compensation, 2008 (EUC08), 173 fewer than a week ago. In addition, there were 601 Second Tier claims for benefits processed under the EUC08 program, which is 78 fewer more than the week before. The Unemployment Weekly Report can be found at: http://www.vtlmi.info/(link is external). Previously released Unemployment Weekly Reports and other UI reports can be found at: http://www.vtlmi.info/lmipub.htm#uc(link is external)  Vermont’s unemployment rate fell two-tenths in October to 5.6 percent. SEE STORY HERE.last_img read more

When employees and employers clash

first_img 6SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Former Supreme Court Justice Byron White, who was also an all American football player, once famously noted that he turns to the sports pages to learn about man’s successes and the front page to learn about his failures.Maybe it’s because I couldn’t escape the deluge of negative news enveloping the country even after I turned on yesterday’s football games; Or maybe it’s because after watching Ken Burns’ documentary on the Vietnam war last night that got me thinking that the country has never been so divided since 1968, but I decided to throw away my intended subject for today’s blog and remind all you employees and employers out there to take a deep breath when it comes to discussing issues in the work place.Let’s be honest, with Facebook now that everyone has a soapbox and wants everyone to be their friend, there’s a good chance that supervisors will know where exactly their employees stand on the hot buttoned issues of the day. continue reading »last_img read more

Sunderland takeover: International consortium agrees deal to buy club | Football News

first_imgSartori’s consortium is understood to include Kyril Louis-Dreyfus, the 22-year-old son of former Marseille owner Robert Dreyfus.Sartori already has a seat on the Sunderland board. The proposed takeover would have to be approved by the EFL in its ‘Owners and Directors’ Test’.Donald has been trying to sell the club for nearly a year after supporters campaigned for him to leave following a positive start.Sunderland have declined to comment.- Advertisement – Sunderland owner Stewart Donald has agreed a deal in principle to sell his majority stake in the League One club to an international consortium led by current minority investor Juan Sartori. Sky Sports News understands Donald, who took over Sunderland from Ellis Short two and a half years ago, has received an acceptable offer from the consortium.- Advertisement –  at Stadium of Light on May 21, 2018 in Sunderland, England.Image:Sunderland owner Stewart Donald had been seeking a buyer for some timecenter_img – Advertisement – Donald and director Charlie Methven – star of the club’s Netflix documentary – are set to retain minority stakes in the club should the deal go through.- Advertisement –last_img read more

Anthrax in Canada kills 149 animals, infects man

first_img Jul 6 Saskatchewan news release about conditions that increase anthrax riskhttp://www.gov.sk.ca/news?newsId=507b8328-44bd-4239-8a65-00dd4f1544ed The release gave no information on how the man contracted the disease, but said cutaneous anthrax typically occurs when a person with a cut or abrasion comes into direct contact with anthrax spores on a sick or dead animal. In contrast, inhalational anthrax results from breathing in anthrax spores; it is usually fatal unless the patient receives prompt antibiotic treatment. “We are vaccinating cattle on farms around the infected premises to create a buffer zone in an effort to break the cycle of infection,” the CFIA said today. “Our monitoring of the situation indicates that the number of cases is declining.” The agency said quarantines will be canceled 21 days after new cases abate. The outbreak centers on the Melfort area, which rarely has any cases, according to CFIA veterinarian Dr. Sandra Stephens, who was quoted in a recent report in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix. The CFIA said 8,000 livestock have been vaccinated against anthrax in the area. Anthrax spores are found in soil in many parts of the world and can remain viable for decades. The disease has killed 149 animals on the quarantined farms in northeastern Saskatchewan, according to today’s update from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). The disease emerged after heavy spring rains saturated the ground and brought anthrax spores to the surface, according to a Jul 12 report in the Toronto Globe and Mail. Animals contract anthrax by eating plants contaminated by the spores. The Star Phoenix story called the outbreak the largest in Saskatchewan history. The outbreak has killed 123 cattle, 3 horses, 1 pig, 1 sheep, 13 bison, and 8 white-tailed deer, according to information from Stephens that was published on ProMED-mail, the online reporting service of the International Society for Infectious Diseases. Jul 14 Saskatchewan news release about cutaneous anthrax casehttp://www.gov.sk.ca/news?newsId=1193e9c8-f864-4500-9111-e9d073c4cb55 CIDRAP overview of anthraxhttp://www.cidrap.umn.edu/cidrap/content/bt/anthrax/biofacts/index.html The CFIA said the outbreak does not pose “a significant human health threat.” Cases in livestock rarely affect people, and no animals from the quarantined farms were sent to slaughter, the agency said. Anthrax does not spread from person to person. See also: The Star Phoenix said some private veterinarians in the area ran out of vaccine. Stephens said some vets didn’t have the vaccine in stock because they weren’t used to seeing cases. A man from the Melfort area, about 175 kilometers northeast of Saskatoon, contracted cutaneous anthrax, the least serious form of the disease, the Saskatchewan provincial government said in a Jul 14 news release. “The individual is being treated with antibiotics and is expected to make a full recovery,” the statement said. In the United States, some livestock cases of anthrax have been reported in Minnesota and North Dakota so far this year, but no large outbreaks. Last summer about 400 animals had died of the disease by early August in the Dakotas, Minnesota, and Texas. Authorities recommend that animals killed by anthrax be burned or buried quickly to prevent other animals from being exposed to the carcasses. Ken Tegstrom, a Melfort area cattle farmer who was quoted in the Jul 12 Globe and Mail story, said so many cattle died the week of Jul 2 that farmers didn’t have time to burn or bury them. Instead, the CFIA doused them in formaldehyde and covered them with tarpaulins for later disposal. Jul 17, 2006 (CIDRAP News) – A man is being treated for cutaneous (skin) anthrax and 36 farms are under quarantine because of livestock deaths in what has been called the largest anthrax outbreak in the history of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.last_img read more

Find alternatives to arming teachers

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionThere are problems with arming teachers and setting up metal detectors in schools in order to deter school shootings. Money is one problem. Schools already are underfunded, and using tax dollars to arm and train teachers would be an incredible waste. Five hundred dollars for a metal detector might sound cheap. But to a school that can barely afford school supplies for teachers and students, it isn’t.Another problem is that armed teachers and metal detectors don’t actually address the issue of gun violence. Things like licenses, registrations and insurance for guns could help the problem. Raise the legal age to buy a gun. If the drinking age is 21 because people can’t drink responsibly when they are younger, then they probably can’t use a gun responsibly either. Taylor WilliamGlenvilleMore from The Daily Gazette:Foss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristslast_img read more

Liverpool win Premier League title with seven games to spare

first_img“It’s easy to motivate this team because of our great history. It’s pure joy for me to coach them.”Happy daysIn the last 12 months Liverpool have won the Champions League, the UEFA Super Cup and World Club Cup, but regaining their status as top dogs in England, something that was almost a given in the 1970s and 1980s, was the priority.”Juergen has been fantastic and epitomizes everything Liverpool Football Club stands for,” Dalglish, told BT Sport.”And it’s not just a one-off, last year they came within a point of it and this year they have only lost once.”Onwards and upwards, I think they have a lot more happy days to look forward to now.”Despite the COVID-19 pandemic forcing a three-month suspension of the season and delaying Liverpool’s coronation, they have won the title with a record seven games to spare.They eclipsed the mark jointly held by Manchester United (2000-01) and Manchester City (2017-18), who sealed their respective titles with five games left.City manager Pep Guardiola paid tribute to Liverpool.”Big congratulations for Liverpool,” said the Spaniard, whose title-winning side finished 25 points ahead of Klopp’s team two seasons ago and piped them by a point last term.”After 30 years without the title they played every game this season like it was their last with incredible focus. We were not consistent enough,” he added.Record paceHad it not been for the unprecedented stoppage Liverpool were on course to smash the record for the earliest clinching of the league title. Instead, they are now the first team to lift the coveted trophy as late as June.Liverpool finished last season with nine straight league wins and, after claiming the Champions League by beating Tottenham Hotspur in Madrid, began the new campaign in relentless fashion to leave rivals trailing in their wake.With 28 wins and one defeat in 31 games, Liverpool have set a record-breaking pace and were 25 points clear in February — the biggest lead in Premier League history.When they beat West Ham United that month it was their 18th successive top-flight win, matching Manchester City’s record, before their hopes of an unbeaten season were dashed by a 3-0 defeat at Watford, a result that was merely a blip.Leading the charge has been Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian forward who is the first Liverpool player to score at least 20 goals in all competitions in three consecutive seasons since Michael Owen at the start of the millennium.Salah scored on Wednesday as Liverpool thrashed Crystal Palace 4-0 at Anfield — a result that meant City had to beat Chelsea to delay the inevitable for a while longer.City were the first team to breach the 100-point barrier in the Premier League two seasons ago but Liverpool are on course to shatter that mark, as well as records for most points at home (55) and most wins in a season (32).Topics : Thirty years of hurt came to an end for Liverpool when they were confirmed as Premier League champions on Thursday courtesy of second-placed Manchester City’s 2-1 defeat by Chelsea.The result at Stamford Bridge means Liverpool have an unassailable 23-point lead over City with seven games left.Liverpool were last champions of England when they won the old First Division title in 1989-90 after which a decline in fortunes saw Manchester United and Arsenal, then Chelsea and Manchester City seize power. Inspirational manager Juergen Klopp has rekindled the Anfield flame though and delivered the club’s 19th top-flight title, one behind arch-rivals United’s record of 20, after finishing runners-up to City in a thrilling race last season.As the Chelsea game moved into stoppage time at an empty stadium in London, 350km away outside Anfield Liverpool fans began lighting red flares as the celebrations began in earnest.Also watching from afar was an emotional Klopp.”I have no words, it’s unbelievable and much more than I ever thought would be possible,” he told Sky Sports after being congratulated byLiverpool great Kenny Dalglish, manager of the 1989-90 title winners.last_img read more

Governor Wolf Names New Members to the Pennsylvania Commission for Women

first_img Equality,  Government That Works,  Governor’s Residence,  Press Release Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf today announced the appointment of twenty-six dedicated business, civic and community leaders to serve on the Pennsylvania Commission for Women. The commissioners were sworn in by Secretary of State Pedro Cortés prior to convening the first meeting of the Commission, which was held at The Governor’s Residence.“In Pennsylvania today, women earn just 76 cents for every dollar a man earns, they make up 75 percent of our minimum wage workforce, and they are two times less likely to work in STEM occupations than men in the Commonwealth,” Governor Wolf said. “These are just a few of the issues that I hope this Commission will look at improving over the course of their work.“I know that this passionate group of leaders and professionals will act as tireless advocates on behalf of Pennsylvania’s women and girls. Each of these individuals will be a tremendous asset to the Commission, and people across the Commonwealth will be well-served by their commitment to improving the lives of our women and girls.”“Having devoted my career to meeting the needs of women and families in my own community, I am humbled and excited by this opportunity to lead an extraordinary group of women in this endeavor statewide,” Commission Chair Randi Teplitz said. “I am grateful for the confidence that Governor Wolf has placed in me, and I look forward to working with him, First Lady Frances Wolf, and stakeholders in the public and private sectors on this important effort.”The Commission for Women, which was created by Executive Order and consists of volunteer members, is responsible for advising the Governor on policies and legislation that impact women; supporting economic and civic opportunities for women; encouraging mentoring programs for girls and young women; identifying programs and opportunities for the benefit and advancement of women; and serving as a resource center for Pennsylvania women. The Commission also acts as an advocate for policies and legislation it feels serves the best interest of women and girls in Pennsylvania.Below is a full list of the individuals that have been appointed as members of the Pennsylvania Commission for Women:Randi Teplitz, Chair, Dauphin CountySusan Jacobson, Southeast Regional Coordinator, Philadelphia CountyNancy Mills, Southwest Regional Coordinator, Allegheny CountyAnne Ard, Centre CountyDonna Barbetti, Lackawanna CountyDana Brown, Allegheny CountyJessica Brubaker, York CountyImJa Choi, Philadelphia CountyRepresentative Madeleine Dean, Montgomery CountyLucy Delabar, Lehigh CountyCarolina Digiorgio, Chester CountyDenise Johnson, Crawford CountyJazelle Jones, Philadelphia CountySusan Kefover, Potter CountyMellanie Lassiter, Philadelphia CountyEvie McNulty, Lackawanna CountyLeslie Anne Miller, Delaware CountyDeborah Minkoff, Montgomery CountyTina Nixon, Dauphin CountyLori Nocito, Luzerne CountyLesley Ridge, Erie CountyKathy Rooney, Lehigh CountyJessica Rothchild, Lackawanna CountyPatti Stirk, York CountyRosa Stroh, Dauphin CountyMichelle Zmijanac, Allegheny CountyFor more information on the Commission for Women, contact women@pa.gov or 717.831.3224. SHARE Email Facebook Twitter Governor Wolf Names New Members to the Pennsylvania Commission for Womencenter_img October 07, 2015last_img read more