Will Chinas Planned Solar Field Lower the Cost of Alternative Energy

first_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. (PhysOrg.com) — One of the biggest complaints that some have about solar power (and other forms of alternative energy) is that it is so much more expensive than the fossil fuels that are more commonly used today. However, this might change with China’s ambitious plans to build a 2-gigawatt solar field in Inner Mogolia. Panels from a solar farm in Spain. This solar farm will not be the largest when China’s solar field opens. Image source: Treehugger.com Citation: Will China’s Planned Solar Field Lower the Cost of Alternative Energy? (2009, September 14) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2009-09-china-solar-field-alternative-energy.html Desert power: A solar renaissance Explore further The solar field will be built by the U.S. company First Solar, and it is not scheduled to be completed for another 10 years, in 2019. The massive undertaking, though, could help make solar power more competitive in terms of energy pricing. MarketWatch reports on the project, and its possible implications:The project “represents an encouraging step forward toward the mass-scale deployment of solar power worldwide to help mitigate climate-change concerns,” First Solar Chief Executive Mike Ahearn said in a statement.The project will depend upon a “feed-in-tariff” supplied by the Chinese government, which will guarantee the pricing of the electricity it produces over a certain period, First Solar said.”This type of forward-looking government policy is necessary to create a strong solar market … which in turn continues to drive the cost of solar electricity closer to ‘grid parity’ — where it is competitive with traditional energy sources,” Ahearn said.While many are not as impressed with the idea of climate change concerns, the idea of more affordable solar power appeals on another level. Being able to develop energy sources beyond fossil fuels, which will eventually run out and are located to large extent in countries of questionable stability, would contribute to energy security. China also recognizes that it will need more energy as it moves forward in its efforts to become the next economic superpower. Fossil fuels will probably prove inadequate, so China is taking the time now to develop energy source for the future.In the end, much of what is lacking in terms of alternative energy development and mass use is the political and financial will to front the money needed to give it a start. China is hoping that by providing political and financial capital it will be able to jump start a move toward increasingly affordable solar power.© 2009 PhysOrg.comlast_img read more

Scientists identify oldest wood specimens

first_img(PhysOrg.com) — Researchers studying two fossilized plants, one from New Brunswick, Canada, the other from France have been identified as being 397 and 407 million years old respectively. Both are believed to be the oldest known examples of wood, predating previously found specimens by ten million years. Lead researcher Philippe Gerrienne, of Belgium, and his team have published the results of their research in Science. © 2011 PhysOrg.com The New Brunswick sample was found by co-author Patricia Gensel, who brought it back to the University of North Carolina where she is a professor of paleobotany. The fossil remained on the shelf apparently for several years before it was included in a study being led by Gerrienne, (research associate and lecturer at the University of Liege) of the plant specimen found in France.The two specimens are believed to be not just the earliest examples of wood found, but actual samples of wood in its earliest form of existence. Both plants were very small, just 20 centimeters tall (with stems just 12 centimeters tall and 3 to 5 centimeters wide) and were a type of herb.After studying cross sections of the plants, the researchers have theorized that wood did not evolve as a means to allow plants to grow taller as has been widely assumed, but to allow for the more efficient transfer of water and nutrients from the soil to the rest of the plant. They say they believe this is so because of the way that cells are arranged in the cores of the stems, and even more so because of the existence of long thin cells that grow across several rings, extending like rays from the middle to outer edges of the stems; both are reminiscent of modern trees. The presence of thick walled cells adds to the evidence. Because these structures were in place in very small plants, it’s hard to argue that they evolved to allow for more height.The authors suggest that because these plants were living in a time (the early Devonian age – 407 to 397 million years ago) when the amount of carbon dioxide in the air was decreasing (which reduced water-use efficiency) they were forced into coming up with something quick to survive; hence, the development of wood.The plants discovered are believed to be the ancestors of modern trees, the wood that evolved to help in nourishment wound up having the side benefit of allowing the trees to grow into the comparatively mammoth specimens found around the planet today. Citation: Scientists identify oldest wood specimens (2011, August 12) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2011-08-scientists-oldest-wood-specimens.html This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Gene discovery to increase biomass needed for green fuel Explore further Image credit: University of Liege More information: A Simple Type of Wood in Two Early Devonian Plants, Science 12 August 2011: Vol. 333 no. 6044 p. 837. DOI:10.1126/science.1208882ABSTRACTThe advent of wood (secondary xylem) is a major event of the Paleozoic Era, facilitating the evolution of large perennial plants. The first steps of wood evolution are unknown. We describe two small Early Devonian (407 to 397 million years ago) plants with secondary xylem including simple rays. Their wood currently represents the earliest evidence of secondary growth in plants. The small size of the plants and the presence of thick-walled cortical cells confirm that wood early evolution was driven by hydraulic constraints rather than by the necessity of mechanical support for increasing height. The plants described here are most probably precursors of lignophytes.last_img read more

Learn how to jig for wedding gig

first_imgThe traditional dhol, wedding songs and impromptu dances at home once defined the typical sangeet, a key function in most big fat Indian weddings. Not any more. The celebrations have just gotten bigger and bolder with brides and grooms signing up for classes to train for a joint performance designed to dazzle.Be it Bollywood masala or western salsa, young couples are going out of their way to put on their dancing shoes to add that special edge to the revelry. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Sometimes the bride can’t dance, or the groom has two left feet; and then there are those families who are conservative and not in favour of their ‘to-be bahus’ shaking a leg on stage. But that’s changing. And that’s where dance instructors step in.‘Couples have preferences in terms of specific songs and often they want to depict their personal story through a dance performance,’ Atul Jindal, director, Big Dance Centre, told.‘Props and audio visuals are included in sangeet performances to give a spectacular look. Couples usually come to learn dance forms like salsa, freestyle and Bollywood that involve fun and partner work. In these dance forms, couples enjoy dancing with each other,’ he added. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixAce choreographer Shiamak Davar agreed there was an upswing in the number of people who come to his institute just to learn how to groove for their special day. And he is all for the trend.‘I have so many people who want to dance at their wedding and we encourage them to do so. They love our choreography and we encourage them. They get excited to learn anything new and interesting,’ Davar told.Wedding choreographer Rahul Verma, who runs dance institute Bollywood Nach here, specialises in arranging special acts and training couples for weddings. Couples prefer dancing together rather than giving solo performances. ‘Some time back, brides and grooms used to give solo performances, but now families have become quite broad-minded, frank, and couples prefer to present a joint act. To support the couples, dancers are also provided to work as fillers,’ Verma said.‘Sometimes we use fillers also. Dancers stand in the background with props and perform while the bride and groom dance in the centre,’ he added.It costs quite a packet – ranging from anything over Rs 2,500 an hour to even packages that go up to Rs 100,000 for choreographing a complete act for the family.‘When there are family and friends, we charge Rs.100,000 for 15 days because they are not professionals at dance and want to put up a perfect performance, and enjoy it as well. For couples alone, who want private classes, we charge Rs 5,000 per hour,’ said Jindal.People are more than willing to spend.Swati Chaudhary, an animation designer by profession, and Sanjeet Chahal, who works as a relationship manager with a bank, are tying the knot 7 December. They have signed up for one such class, and feel it will also help them come closer to each other.‘We are very excited about our special day. Since our marriage is arranged, it was very important for us to know each other better. And what better than learning dance together and spending some quality time with each other,’ Chahal said.For Swati, dancing with her fiance has also helped her overcome her fear of dancing.‘I always feared dancing, but the idea of spending time with him convinced me to join the dance classes. Now I am enjoying each day and, on the other hand, our bond has strengthened,’ she said.last_img read more

Vladimir Nabokovs museum attacked

first_imgRussian Ultraconservatives have struck again in St Petersburg, where a museum of famous writer Vladimir Nabokov was attacked over ‘paedophilia’.A lone vandal broke a museum window with a bottle that contained a note which threatened the museum with ‘God’s wrath’ over its alleged propaganda of Nabokov’s paedophilia, Fontanka.ru city news website reported. The museum received a handful of anonymous letters with similar homilies over the past months, its director Tatiana Ponomaryova said. Police were looking into the incident. St Petersburg-born Nabokov is best known for Lolita (1995), a paedophile’s story, but was never accused of child abuse himself. A separate anonymous letter reportedly mailed to Fontanka.ru identified the attacker as the leader of a group of self-styled ‘St Petersburg Cossacks’ who earlier mounted non-violent attacks on the city’s cultural establishments. A one-man show based on ‘Lolita’ was cancelled in St. Petersburg by its author last year after he received threatening letters from the anonymous Cossacks. The city prosecutor’s office was also flooded with dozens of identical reports in December accusing an exhibit at the Hermitage museum by British artists Jake and Dinos Chapman of extremism over ‘blasphemous’ crucified toys on display. A prosecutor check found no evidence of extremism. The Chapmans offered ‘extreme apologies’ to whomever felt offended, and the Hermitage’s director demanded an investigation into the complainants, to no visible result. But the Cossacks have now decided to employ ‘non-Christian’ virtue enforcement methods, which prompted a split, said the letter to Fontanka.ru, whose author identified himself as belonging to the moderate non-violent group. St Petersburg never had a native Cossack community, and other Cossack groups across the nation have denounced the actions of their alleged northern brethren. However, other Cossacks have also attempted to act as a conservative militia, patrolling streets of Moscow against illegal migrants, peddlers and parkers, and attacking modern art exhibits in the southern Krasnodar Region, a Cossack heartland. Non-Cossack Christian activists have also attacked in Moscow a sex museum and supporters of the feminist punk band Pussy Riot.last_img read more

Capturing spirituality

first_imgAs we evolve the human race attains refinement and greater spiritual heights, so believes the artist Mahendra Kumar Aggarwal who is showcasing his premier solo art exhibition in the Capital from 20 July. With spirituality as its essence, he brings forth artworks that are of universal nature. Mahendra gave up on his IT job in early 2000 to become a serious collector of Indian art. Then on started his journey into the world of modern and contemporary  art. His works stem from the subconscious which he believes is the real mode of perceiving reality than depending upon rational thoughts and senses. His work is centered on the human figure with face as the focal point depicting it as the mirror of the soul.last_img

Readers delight

first_imgFollowing the triumphant editions in 2013, Leapvault, is all set to present the fourth edition of the India Non Fiction Festival in a span of one and half years on the 15 and 16 November at the India Habitat centre.The festival is the leading and Asia’s only festival dedicated to non – fiction literary works. It brings together noted authors and personalities from varied walks of life on one stage who engage in discussions on significant but often neglected issues. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The festival themed Be Bold. Stay Real, involves everything in Non-Fiction space – from topics like Business, Sociology, and Management to Fitness, Travel and Health. It will provide a stellar opportunity to Non-Fiction readers to watch luminaries from various fields engaging in sparkling discussions and meet the thought leaders of today and tomorrow.  Personalities like Kunwar Natwar Singh, Vinod Rai, Suhel Seth , Dipankar Gupta, Leila Seth, John Elliott, Kingshuk Nag,  and Arun Maira will grace the event this year.last_img read more

Actor lodges complaint for being tortured by husband

first_imgKolkata: An actor lodged a complaint with police alleging that she was being tortured by her husband.The actor lodged the complaint with Lake Town police station on Friday against “her husband and others”.A police officer said on conditions of anonymity that the woman told police about the level of torture that went on after the death of her brother-in-law in 2014, considering that she brought misfortune to her in-law’s family.According to a senior police officer of Bidhannagar police Commissionerate, the complainant got married to a doctor, who practices at a well known private hospital in the city, four years ago and thereafter started staying at Bangur Avenue. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeShe lodged the complaint alleging that she had been “subjected to both physical and mental torture at the bangur Avenue residence” and was “tortured’ by her husband.She further told police that they bought a flat recently. On Wednesday, she went to the flat where she was allegedly tortured by her husband and received injuries in the course of action. The woman on Thursday went to Lake Town police station and lodged a complaint in this connection. The police initiated a case under section 498A (husband or relative of husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty) of Indian Penal Code (IPC) and 324 IPC (voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means). Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedIt is learnt that the complainant had earlier acted in some Tamil films. But she discontinued the same after her marriage. She told police that recently she once again has expressed her wish to continue her work in TV serials.The police initiated a probe in this connection and would speak to the victim’s husband in this connection. A senior police officer said a notice will be served summoning the doctor and we are hopeful that he would co-operate in the investigation or else necessary legal steps would be taken up.last_img read more

Five simple ways to keep weight in check

first_imgWith the festive season approaching, keeping a tab on your weight can be a little difficult. A few precautions can be taken to avoid gaining excessive weight. Here are some suggestions form an expert.Binge-eating at odd timings is a holiday delight but going overboard is very unhealthy and very easy. Skipping meals to balance out festive eating is also a very bad idea, as it only makes one ravenous later. To avoid consuming a lot of calories, eat a filling, low-calorie snack or dish before leaving for a celebration. Protein, especially, will keep you feeling full, ensuring you only eat festival treats in small amounts.  Also Read – Add new books to your shelfAlso try factoring in a few days of light eating prior to the festive season, in addition to consuming alkaline foods including spinach, broccoli and banana.The best way to control what you consume is to assume the role of the chef. Chefs have to do a lot of tasting and all that time spent in the kitchen does take the edge off hunger. Cooking, or at least deciding what is to be cooked and how, will allow you absolute control over the amount of calories you consume.  Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveChoose the menu wisely, offer guests a range of healthy snacks. Grilling instead of frying, and steaming vegetables to retain nutrients are handy ways to reduce fat intake. Using a low-calorie spray oil is also a great way to roast food in a healthier manner.A fridge stocked with treats after celebrations are over, is not exactly your best bet. If you are the host, make sure to only order or cook as much as needed, carefully drawing up a menu and quantity list.  Liquids are an important component of our diets, and binge consumption sessions are no different. A lot of times, our bodies mistake thirst for hunger, which leads to overeating. Craving snacks repeatedly can be a sign of dehydration. A good diet hack is to drink a glass full of water and wait for 10 minutes and then reconsider whether you want to give in to those cravings or not. Drinking other liquids is also a good solution to hunger pangs, especially having fresh home-made or cold pressed juice blends as perfect and delicious alternatives. This should not be an excuse to have ‘juice drinks’ (which are loaded with sugar and chemicals) or aerated drinks. Alcohol is another high-calorie liquid that should be consumed in moderation. Try beginning the night with a refreshing mocktail, and alternate each drink with water or juice. Choosing low-calorie alcohol, including drier varieties of white and red wine, gin, champagne and light beer is also advisable.The holiday season takes up a lot of energy, throwing us off the gym schedules and even our regular sleep cycles. Countering this disruption is important, even if the effort put in is minimal. So, working out for half an hour instead of your usual hour and a half is a much better idea than skipping gym entirely.last_img read more

Grey hair linked to higher heart disease risk in men

first_imgMen with more grey hair – irrespective of age – may be at increased risk of heart disease, warns a new study.”Our findings suggest that, irrespective of chronological age, hair greying indicates biological age and could be a warning sign of increased cardiovascular risk,” said Irini Samuel, a cardiologist at Cairo University, Egypt. Atherosclerosis, build-up of fatty material inside the arteries, and hair greying share similar mechanisms such as impaired DNA repair, oxidative stress, inflammation, hormonal changes and senescence of functional cells. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf”Atherosclerosis and hair greying occur through similar biological pathways and the incidence of both increases with age,” Samuel added. This study – presented at EuroPrevent 2017, annual congress of the European Association of Preventive Cardiology (EAPC), being held at Malaga, Spain from April 6-8 – involved 545 adult men.The researchers assessed the prevalence of grey hair in patients with coronary artery disease – usually caused by atherosclerosis – and whether it was an independent risk marker of disease. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThe amount of grey hair was graded using the hair whitening score – one referring to pure black hair, two to black more than white, three to black equals white, four to white more than black, and five to pure white. Data was collected on traditional cardiovascular risk factors including hypertension, diabetes, smoking, dyslipidaemia and family history of coronary artery disease.The researchers found that a high hair whitening score (grade three or more) was associated with increased risk of coronary artery disease independent of chronological age and established cardiovascular risk factors. Patients with coronary artery disease had a statistically significant higher hair whitening score and higher coronary artery calcification than those without coronary artery disease.”A larger study including men and women is required to confirm the association between hair greying and cardiovascular disease in patients without other known cardiovascular risk factors,” Samuel said.”Further research is needed, in coordination with dermatologists, to learn more about the causative genetic and possible avoidable environmental factors that determine hair whitening,” she add.last_img read more

A free trip to South Korea

first_img“Win the South Korea Quiz contest 2017 and get a chance to visit Korea for free,” stated Jong Sool Kwon, Director, Korea Tourism Organisation (India office). He further added, “In order to bring South Korea closer to the hearts of the youngsters in the tri-city, Korea Tourism Organization India has launched a Quiz Contest for Tri-city school students. The Quiz is open for school students from class 8th to 12th of Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula and surrounding areas”, he also affirmed that the winner will get a free trip to South Korea for six days while discounted trip would be given to the runner ups. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf The Quiz Contest will be organized by Athena Ventures with the support of Korea Tourism Organization. Participation Certificates have been promised to all participants. Athena Ventures has organized many similar programs for Korea, as well as for other countries.Naveen Sharma, chairman, Athena Ventures also said that a child can participate in the quiz through his/her school only up till July 24. He stated that more than 4,000 students are expected to take part in the quiz contest. All the material related to the quiz would be provided free of cost on the internet. The quiz will be concluded with its final level on August 13.last_img read more

Ditch your smartphone to curb spending online

first_imgIf you want to curb that urge to splurge, putting your smartphone away may help, as touchscreen technology is behind people indulging in guilty pleasures when shopping online, researchers say. The findings showed that compared with consumers who had a desktop computer, those with smartphones were more likely to purchase hedonic products – consumed for luxury purposes, these are desirable objects that allow the consumer to feel pleasure, fun, and enjoyment from buying the product. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfFurther, participants using touchscreen technology also scored significantly higher on experiential thinking than those using desktop computers.However, those on desktops scored significantly higher on rational thinking, the researchers said.”Using a touchscreen evokes consumers’ experiential thinking, which resonates with the playful nature of hedonic products. These results may well be a game-changer for sectors like the retail industry,” said Ying Zhu, assistant professor at the University of British Columbia – Okanagan campus. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive”But my advice for consumers who want to save a bit of money is to put away the smartphone when you have urge to spend on a guilty pleasure,” Zhu added.For the study, detailed in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, the team conducted a series of experiments with university students to measure thinking styles and purchase intentions using devices like touchscreens and desktop computers.The study aimed to investigate whether online purchase intentions change when it comes to two different types of products: hedonic, or those that give the consumer pleasure like chocolate or massages, and utilitarian, products that are practical, like bread or printers.”The playful and fun nature of the touchscreen enhances consumers’ favour of hedonic products, while the logical and functional nature of a desktop endorses the consumers’ preference for utilitarian products,” Zhu explained.”With more than two billion smartphone users, the use of tactile technologies for online shopping alone is set to represent nearly half of all e-commerce by next year.”last_img read more

6th International Sporting Expo concludes on a high note

first_imgThe three-day mega expo – intended to bring the leading sportswear manufacturers, buyers, and dealers under one roof – concluded on August 11, 2018.Organised under the aegis of India ‘Exhibition Services’ and ‘India Trade Fair Academy’ – the 6th edition of ‘India International Sporting Goods Show – 2018’ managed to gain a footfall of 12000 – which was much more than the expected figure. Overwhelmed with the success and phenomenal response from the people, Swadesh Kumar, CEO, India Exhibition Services, said, “We recognised the potential that our sports industry holds at the National as well as International level, and hence decided to take it a step ahead. Besides sports professionals and sports fanatics, the expo proved to be a great platform for everyone involved in the business to exchange ideas, learn new things, buy a variety of products at best prices and a lot more. I am overwhelmed to see such a fabulous response from the audience.” Also Read – Add new books to your shelfConcurrent event like Sports India Forum Meet, Sports India Conference, Sports India Dealer Meet, Sports Rehab (Sports Seminar) and Sports India Fashion Show managed to attract the audience but the highlight of the event was PEFI awards. The awards were given to felicitate all those Physical Education teachers who have contributed to developing the sports in India, in association with Physical Education Foundation Of India. Manoj Tiwari, MP of Delhi as well as the Chief Guest of the evening, presented the awards to all the recipients. Apart from the manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, a large section of retailers, importers, exporters, international buyers, sports ministries, International trade promotion bodies, National sports federations, sports councils, International sports federations, sports goods manufacturers associations as well as National and International Business Chambers of Commerce also marked their presence at the expo.last_img read more

Doctors call for 12hour strike

first_imgKolkata: Doctors across the state have called for a 12-hour strike under the banner of Joint Platform of Doctors. The protest will hit the services in state-run hospitals and the patients will suffer the most.Protesting against the assault on a junior doctor at the NRS Medical College and Hospital, doctors and interns in the state-run hospital and medical colleges resorted to seize-work despite a huge number of patients stood in queues since Tuesday afternoon. Despite repeated requests and pleas by the patients’ families doctors did not withdraw their protest. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataAccording to a source, a rumour was spread through social media platforms that the junior doctor, Paribaha Mukherjee, was serious after being attacked by the relatives of the patient, who died of alleged negligence. Mukherjee is stable and undergoing treatment at the Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata, at Mallikbazar. Director of Medical Education Pradip Mitra tried to convince the junior doctors and interns that Mukherjee was not critical but none believed him. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateAs soon as the news reached other hospitals such as North Bengal Medical College and Hospital, Burdwan Medical College and Hospital, Midnapore Medical College and Hospital and other major hospitals in the state, junior doctors and interns resorted to cease work hitting the outdoor and emergency services of these hospitals. Despite repeated requests from hospital authorities and state government the doctors refused to get back to work. In the evening, authorities of Institute of Neurosciences told the mediapersons that Mukherjee was undergoing a surgery but he was stable. He suffered a ‘depressed fracture’ on his skull. Following the surgery, he will be kept under observation and at present he is out of danger. After the hospital authorities issued the statement, junior doctors were requested to get back to work but they continued with their protest. Later, Joint Platform of Doctors, the forum of doctors, called for a 12-hour strike starting from 9am on Wednesday. The forum said the emergency services would be provided but the whole medical system will be affected due to the doctors’ protest.last_img read more

The Brutal Case of the Papin Sisters The Senseless Crime that Shocked

first_imgTwo sisters, by the names of Christine and Léa Papin, carried out a gruesome murder on the eve of February 2, 1933. On that cold winter day, the siblings killed a mother and daughter. The victims were unrecognizable: defaced, with their eyes ripped from the sockets, their bodies horrifically mutilated. The victims belonged to an affluent family from Le Mans in France, the same family that had hired Christine and Léa as full-time housemaids.Christine and Léa Papin were raised in the countryside around the city of Le Mans — the city famous for hosting one of the world’s earliest-known sports car races.Léa and Christine Papin (left to right)Christine and Léa were born in 1905 and 1911 respectively. They also had an older sister, Emilia, who had consigned herself to a nunnery after years of alleged sexual abuse by their alcoholic father. That is only one of a series of volatile episodes which haunted Christine and Léa in their broken family home.As soon as they were old enough, the two siblings sought for a place where they could work together as housemaids. They were employed in 1926 by Monsieur René Lancelin, a retiree who lived in Le Mans along with his spouse, Madame Léonie Lancelin, and one of their two daughters, Geneviève Lancelin.Léa PapinThe Lancelins owned a nice house and the sisters were supposedly well provided with food, decent accommodation and reasonable payment for those years. The sisters were praised for their hard work and dedication to keep the Lancelin residence all in order.However, Christine and Léa Papin displayed some odd behavior: they tended to be quiet and reclusive, focused only on one another. It was alleged later on that they were sexually involved with each other.Christine PapinThe sisters rarely spoke a word to René during their seven-year-long tenancy at 6 Rue Bruyère. It was usually Léonie, who was obsessed with the place being kept perfectly clean, that gave the assignments.On that wet winter day in February 1933, Léonie and Geneviève arrived home at around 5:30 pm to find the house in darkness.It transpired that an iron had tripped the fusebox; the same iron that had just come back from the repair shop for a similar incident while Christine was ironing. But the repairman couldn’t find anything wrong with the appliance and the costs for it fell on Christine and Léa.Diagram of scene of crime, 6 Rue Bruyère.A nasty fight ensued which resulted in the unimaginable.The incident with the iron had apparently disturbed Madame Léonie quite a lot, one of the Papin sisters later testified. The mistress became exceptionally angry, and the situation escalated until Christine hit her on the head with a heavy pitcher.Geneviève stepped in to try and protect her mother by hitting Christine…who responded by attacking Geneviève’s eyes. The elder sister then instructed the younger one to tear Léonie’s eyes out. Surprisingly, Léa did exactly as her sister wished, removing the Madame’s eyes with her bare hands. In the meantime, Christine ran to fetch various tools from the kitchen, including a hammer and a kitchen knife..Diagram showing the scene immediately before the murders by the Papin sistersThe frenzied servants continued to mutilate the bodies of their employers for an estimated 30 minutes. Even when the bodies of Léonie and Geneviève laid lifeless on the floor, the siblings continued to beat and butcher the women. There was blood and gore all over the place.When the ghoulish act was done, the Papin sisters cleaned themselves, but they did not run away from the house as everyone might expect. In fact, they locked and barred all the doors, and retreated at their quarters in the attic.Female agents during WW2Hours later, René Lancelin broke into his own home accompanied by the police. To his horror, he found his wife and daughter in a pool of blood. The sisters were safe and sound and naked together in their bedroom. They would instantly confess to the inexplicable double murder, showing no remorse.Funeral for the Papin sisters’ victims.At the court hearing, the sisters failed to provide any coherent explanation as to why they had committed such a cold-blooded act of butchery. Multiple times they were checked by medical experts, but at first, no signs of any mental illness were traced.Eventually, as the case progressed, experts ruled that the siblings had succumbed to a condition known as Folie à deux (“Madness of Two”), which is a shared psychosis. Such a condition presents as a variety of symptoms like paranoia, hearing voices, inventing fictitious threats that somehow require self-defense, and even unusual sexual behavior.The sisters during their 1933 trial.The anger expressed by Madame Lancelin was probably enough to trigger the darker side of the psychosis. It also turned out that Christine dominated the relationship, and that Léa’s personality was controlled by her sister. Christine was initially given a death penalty, but this was reduced to life imprisonment. Léa Papin received a hard labor sentence of ten years as a companion to the crime.Christine’s mental state deteriorated rapidly after the trial. While imprisoned, she ended up in a straitjacket to stop her from self-harming. Separated from her sister, she experienced scary and horrible hallucinations, refused to eat, and eventually died in an asylum four years later, in the spring of 1937.Papin sisters at trial.Léa Papin was released after serving eight out of the ten years. She retreated into oblivion, adopting a new identity and reaching longevity, passing away in the summer of 2001.The Papin Affair was never forgotten. In fact, it has been equally analysed by writers, painters, film directors, and philosophers. Jean Genet’s play from 1947, titled The Maids was among the early instances where the Papin case influenced a work of literature.Christine Papin being transferred to the asylum at Rennes, where she later diedSimone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre suggested that the Papin Affair was a case of class struggle. That their crime mirrored a system in which figures such as servants lived in terrible conditions as opposed to their high-class employers, who enjoyed plenty of everything.Read another story from us: LSD Cult for Children: The Rise and Fall of “The Family”The case further helped psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan to develop his theses and theories on the human mind.Through books, paintings, theater plays, and films, the Papin Affair, indeed, will never be forgotten as one of the most gruesome homicides in 20th-century France. Stefan A. is a freelance writer and a regular contributor to The Vintage News. He is a graduate in Literature. He also runs the blog This City Knows.last_img read more

Bohemian Grove The Secret AllMale Campground for the Rich and Famous

first_imgBohemian Grove is a large campground in Sonoma County, California. Situated north of San Francisco, the 2,700 acre land is considered pristine wilderness, a quiet enclave with giant redwood trees. It’s also where for two weeks every July, some of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the United States are said to meet in order to mingle, party, and relax.To be a part of this yearly event, you must belong to the Bohemian Club. It’s an exclusive and private all-male club. Women are allowed only limited access to the facilities, although able to work as staff overseeing the campground.The Owl Shrine covered in moss, standing among trees behind a stage at one edge of a man-made pond. Photo by Aarkwilde CC BY-SA 3.0Among its members have been former presidents, business leaders, ex-military, and artists. To sign up there is a decade’s long waiting list, followed by a $25,000 initiation fee. Once accepted, there are substantial yearly fees to remain.In the 1870s, Henry “Harry” Edwards was an actor with the California Theatre Stock Company, a founding Bohemian and the head entomologist at the California Academy of Sciences.The Bohemian Club originated in 1872 as a private gentlemen’s club, originally catering to a group of Eastern American newspaper writers wanting to live a “bohemian and cultured lifestyle” in the West.Bohemian Grove in 1915.After renting the campground as an annual retreat for a number of years, the Bohemian Grove property was bought in 1899.According to the organization, the purpose of the Bohemian Grove annual retreat is that it’s a gathering of people who “share a passion for the outdoors, music, and theater.”This is a screenshot of an illustration by Maynard Dixon which appeared in the book The Grove Plays of the Bohemian Club, published in 1918.Participants are discouraged from talking about business and other worldly affairs, although they probably do.Porter Garnett’s sketch of the Bohemian Club’s Main Stage at the Bohemian Grove, 1911.Otherwise, the Grove is kept private and not much is known about what goes on, aside from some scattered reports by outsiders who were able to infiltrate the compound.Related Video:And some outsiders have gotten access in the past. Philip Weiss, writing for Spy magazine, was one of them. In 1989, Weiss lived among Bohemian Grove campers for a week. He called it a high-status retreat for Republicans and other right-wingers.Bohemian Grove in 1909.It appears that a number of Republican presidents belonged to the Bohemian Club. They included Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George H. W. Bush. Weiss himself was able to meet briefly with Reagan at Bohemian Grove, only months after the former president had left office.A dress rehearsal for the 1909 Grove Play, St. Patrick at Tara.Weiss described the living conditions. Members sleep on cots in tents or cabins. There are rustic bathrooms and a common dining area, although people tend to urinate by the closest trees.Bohemian Grove in 1909.Drinking and general idleness are encouraged. There is entertainment or public talks nightly. The men are often drunk and seen walking around only in underwear.The pyrotechnic climax to the 1907 Cremation of Care.One curious part of the encampment described by Weiss is the annual opening ceremony, called the Cremation of Care.Bohemians claim it’s a ritual to relieve the stress of the outside world. Some members dress up in robes and using torches, burn a “crypt” of Care.A rare look at Bohemian Grove during the summer Hi-Jinks as photographed by novelist Jack London, c. 1911-16.They also sing at the base of a giant 40 foot metal and concrete owl shrine, the symbol of the Bohemian Club.Bohemian Club plaque.Of course there are many critics. Protests against it are held annually. There’s popular suspicion that more goes on than a simple retreat for the wealthy and powerful.Occupy Bohemian Grove signs from Occupy Portland rally on October 6, 2011. Photo by badlyricpolice CC BY 2.0One of the claims against Bohemian Grove is that policy is discussed and decisions made in the forest in private that affect the rest of the country and world. It’s alleged that back in 1942 the idea of the Manhattan Project, building the first atomic bomb, was conceived.Bohemian Grove sign. Photo by Drazz CC BY SA 2.0Bohemian Grove has been a gift to various conspiracy theorists. The infamous radio host Alex Jones allegedly also infiltrated the compound in 2000. He claimed to show images of various rituals done in the forest, including the Cremation of Care. Jones called the acts satanic and pagan in nature. References were made to human sacrifice.S1 Committee 1942.The reality is that Bohemian Grove is so secretive it’s difficult to know exactly what it’s all about.Read another story from us: The Sons of Lee Marvin: a “secret” society founded by directors, actors, and singers who are his proud look-alikesWhile some of the practices do seem bizarre in modern times, generally it sounds more like an outdoor frat house for some of the American elite to let loose for a few weeks.last_img read more

Incredible Story of the Swedish Skier who was Frozen Underwater – and

first_imgHuman beings are not designed to withstand extreme cold. Our bodies function normally at around 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 Fahrenheit), and even a slight fluctuation of just a few degrees can put vital organs under serious strain. However, in 1999, a Swedish doctor survived an ordeal that most people considered impossible: her body temperature dropped below 14 degrees Celsius (57.2 Fahrenheit) before she was resuscitated and brought back from the brink of the end.According to The Guardian, in May 1999 Anna Bågenholm was working in Narvik Hospital in Norway, training to become a surgeon. One morning she set off for the Kjolen Mountains with friends for a day on the ski slopes. Bågenholm and her friends had made this trip countless times over the previous winter, but this time it would prove to be memorable for all the wrong reasons.Bågenholm was skiing in the mountains outside of the town Narvik (pictured) when she fell into a frozen stream. Photo by Tom Corser www.tomcorser.com CC BY-SA 2.0 ukBågenholm suffered a fall on the slopes, lost her skis and tumbled straight down the side of the mountain, breaking through the ice of a frozen stream. According to The Guardian, she hurtled headfirst into the water and was pulled underneath the ice by the rushing current.Luckily, her friends found her quickly and were able to stop her from being dragged further downstream. However, they were unable to extract her from the water. She managed to find an air pocket to allow her to breathe, but the near-frozen water quickly sent her body temperature plummeting, and she soon lost consciousness.Eighty minutes later, the rescue crew arrived and managed to extract Bågenholm from the water. Her body temperature was recorded at 13.7 degrees Celsius (56.6 Fahrenheit), her heart had stopped beating and she was, by all appearances, gone.Nevertheless, the rescue team continued to perform CPR and flew her to the nearest hospital, where Dr. Mads Gilbert was the head of the emergency department. In Norway, doctors do not typically declare an individual to be deceased until their body has been brought back to a normal temperature, and Gilbert knew that even after having been lifeless for so long, there was still a slim chance that Bågenholm might be resuscitated.Gilbert said vigorous CPR plays an important role in the rescuing of victims of accidental hypothermia with circulatory arrest. Photo by Rama CC BY-SA 2.0 frTypically, once a body suffers a cardiac arrest, the cells begin to suffer damage as a result of the lack of oxygen and the person will soon perish unless they receive timely medical intervention. However, according to The Guardian, Gilbert knew that the fact that Bågenholm had been effectively frozen might have arrested this “dying” process. He is said to have remarked, “We will not declare her dead until she is warm and dead.”According to Gilbert, the cold waters of the stream had lowered the temperature of Bågenholm’s brain to such a degree that by the time she went into cardiac arrest, it required almost zero oxygen. As a result, she did not begin to suffer the same kind of cell damage as if her body temperature had lowered following a cardiac arrest.A Sea King helicopter brought Bågenholm to the Tromsø University Hospital. Photo by ThorRune CC BY-SA 3.0The doctors realized that her potassium levels were normal, which indicated that her cells had not been significantly damaged and that resuscitation efforts had a chance of success. Bågenholm underwent a procedure known as cardiopulmonary bypass, where the patient’s blood is pumped out of their body in order to bring it back up to a normal temperature. Her body temperature gradually started to rise, and miraculously, four and a half hours after she fell through the ice, Bågenholm’s heart began beating again.Although she did not regain consciousness for another 12 days, over time, Bågenholm made a complete recovery. She was initially paralyzed from the neck down but was eventually able to move, walk, and even ski once more.Related Video: Frozen in Time: The Final Moments of the Citizens of Pompeii Captured in CastAt the time of her accident, Bågenholm broke the record for the lowest drop in body temperature before recovery, descending to 13.7 degrees Celsius. However, in 2011, seven-year-old Stella Berndtsson fell over a cliff and into the sea near her family home.Read another story from us: Neanderthal fell down sinkhole 150,000 years ago and fused with its wallsWhen she was found, her body temperature was just 13.2 degrees Celsius, and yet she survived to tell the tale. Although these survival stories are rare, they demonstrate the remarkable resilience of the human body, even in the most extreme conditions.last_img read more

VIDEO Minute Maid Park was insane after the Astros got the final

first_imgMost Astros fans couldn’t watch the team’s World Series clinching, Game 7 win over the Dodgers in person, but they packed Minute Maid Park to watch it on the jumbotron, and their reaction when Houston secured the series winning final out was as insane as it would have been if they were watching it live.It’s weird watching a stadium full of people go crazy when there aren’t any players on the field, but when your team wins its first World Series, it doesn’t really matter.RT Cut4: Minute Maid Park was TURNT.(?: ordunobebo/IG) pic.twitter.com/JoJz9FkNZT— LiveSports (@livesportschan) November 2, 2017 The crowd inside Minute Maid Park is going WILD and we LOVE it! #EarnHistory #WorldSeries https://t.co/b5S4qEd7fW pic.twitter.com/IAgr4Y7jnp— ABC13 Houston (@abc13houston) November 2, 2017 Reaction from Minute Maid Park? (via @JeromeSolomon) pic.twitter.com/wAxjJ3kZ8h— Daily Dingers (@BCNDailyDingers) November 2, 2017last_img read more

VIDEO Before the 2003 draft lottery LeBrons future Cavs teammates gave a

first_imgThe 2002 Cavs tanked their way into a bunch of ping pong balls the NBA Draft Lottery thanks to an abysmal 17-65 campaign. The lottery pick ended up becoming Ohio’s own chosen one, LeBron James, the most hyped NBA prospect in modern history.You’d think a 17-win team would be excited to add James, but that wasn’t really the case. In a local news interview ahead of the draft lottery, the Cleveland veterans, including notorious franchise greats Darius Miles and Ricky Davis, weren’t all that impressed at the prospect of adding LeBron. Miles comment that James  can “hop on our bandwagon” has to instantly go into the Lack-of-Self-Awareness Hall of Fame. Carlos Boozer even said there were multiple players on the Cavs roster better than James at his position. Really? Who? Jumaine Jones? Bimbo Coles?Call it jealousy, but this isn’t the welcome wagon you would expect from guys that almost lost 70 games. Most of the Cavs in this clip were shipped out within a year or two, with Smush Parker moving on to be mentally abused by Kobe Bryant with the Lakers. As for James, we know how that all turned out.Watch this clip and hop on Darius Miles’ bandwagon. It’s filling up fast.h/t Jordan Hecklast_img read more

Winning the Link Popularity Contest

first_imgSeptember 18, 2006 Enroll Now for Free This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now Paying for PopularitySince Google is so averse to paid run-of-site links, it would be natural to assume that any sort of paid link popularity method would also be frowned on. But luckily that’s not the case when it comes to association membership fees.Some of the organizations you’re interested in joining will charge you a membership fee, anywhere from $10 for a lifetime to $5,000 or more per year. Don’t let those fees scare you off. If your funds are limited, consider signing up for just a few at a time and adding more as your budget allows.Besides, a few links added judiciously over time are much more credible than a flood of sudden links that appear all at once. That will get you the kind of attention you don’t want from search engines: red flags over possible link spamming.Nobody said link popularity was a contest you could win overnight. But if you steadfastly use the ideas outlined above, you’re sure to see a gradual–but very definite and satisfying–improvement in your link popularity, targeted traffic and search engine rankings.Michael Pedone is the president and CEO of eTrafficJams.com, a search engine optimization and website marketing company in Clearwater, Florida. 4 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. When it comes to building link popularity in order to promote your website, you’ve likely heard web marketers say, “Build it and they will come.” In other words, all you have to is create an excellent website marketing strategy for a well-designed and properly optimized site that has loads of quality content. This, they say, will inspire other sites to link to yours.Oh, is that all?Unfortunately, it isn’t.Having a quality site with hundreds of pages of well-written, unique content is definitely a plus. But for most websites, that isn’t enough to attract the quality and quantity of links needed to boost your search engine rankings these days.So what do you have to do to get quality links that will actually count for something with the search engines? Here’s Google’s answer to the question:”Make sure all the sites that should know about your pages are aware your site is online.” (Get more tips from Google here.)That means you shouldn’t wait for these other sites to find you. You need to put your paws to the pavement and seek out organizations, associations and specialty industry groups–any and all sites representing groups that are considered credible and respected resources for your industry. Then get them to link to you.Becoming affiliated with groups like these will not only shift your link popularity efforts into high gear, it will also help build your brand and expose your business to consumers in your precise target market.Ready to get started increasing your link popularity? Here are the steps you should take:1. Search for organizations that are already established within your industry. Most have a directory that lists companies like yours (you’ll probably see some of your top-ranking competitors already listed there!). Many associations allow you to join either for free or a fee. Select the ones you think will benefit you the most, and sign up.2. Scour your competitors’ sites and see if they’re affiliated with any associations you should be connected with but aren’t yet.3. Once you’ve joined these groups and have a link on their sites, issue a press release telling the world that you’re now an official member of “XYZ Association.” Be sure to include a link from the press release to the XYZ web page your site is displayed on as well as a link to your own site.4. Commit to writing an article (or having one written) at least once a month. Then: Upload it to your site. Get it crawled by adding it to your Google and Yahoo! sitemaps. Make a blog post about it, and link to it. (Waddaya mean you don’t have a blog yet?!) A few weeks after the article’s live on your site and has been cached, submit it to some of the organizations you contacted earlier. In the “About the author” section, or biography, at the end of the article, add the link to that specific article on your site and on your blog. This will help establish your business as the authoritative source of the article. It will also build link popularity to that specific page and allow readers to post comments about it on your blog. If you have a forum on your site, mention it there, too, and point users to it with a link. It wouldn’t hurt to issue a press release about the article you wrote either. Make sure you link to the exact page where your article resides on your site as well as to your home page.last_img read more

Calls In Space

first_img Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals August 11, 2006 Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Entrepreneur magazine, April 1999Late last year, Vice President Al Gore placed the world’s first call on a satellite phone handset. From the White House, Gore dialed up Dr. Robert Ballard, the research scientist and deep-sea explorer who discovered the sunken Titanic in 1983. After nearly a decade of hype, and plenty of failed experiments, satellite telephones have finally arrived.Just what are satellite phones? In look, feel and operability, they’re nearly identical to conventional cellular phones. But as any heavy cell phone user can attest, conventional cellular phones and even sophisticated digital wireless phones have limited capabilities. You can use them only in prescribed areas, and if your cellular phone carrier doesn’t offer service in that area, you’re out of luck.Satellite phones provide service anywhere, any time to any user. They send their telephone signals to satellites orbiting the earth, which then transmit them to other satellites that beam them down to their final destination. They allow you to make a call from a mountaintop, your car, or even from the Oval Office, if you have that kind of access.Costs are about 10 percent more than conventional cellular service–but for entrepreneurs who always have to be in touch, the expense may be worth it. Currently, American Mobile Satellite Corp. and Motorola are among the companies that offer satellite services.Gene Koprowski has covered the tech industry for 10 years and writes a monthly computing column for “The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition.” Contact him at 74203.1677@compuserve.com 2 min read Register Now » Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right.last_img read more